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Best YouTube Channels That Can Make You Smarter As A College Student

Without a doubt, YouTube is a powerful platform where you can learn different things. A lot of people have used the channel to share their wisdom, and as a college student, you must take advantage of that. If you must know, there are several channels where you can hone your brain activities. We recommend that you subscribe to them as it can help you become smarter. Before you know it, you are already acing all your courses.  

Crash Course  

Crash Course was launched in 2006. Its main objective is to provide videos covering subjects like psychology, world history, and biology. To date, they have over 10.2 million subscribers and we don’t see any signs of slowing down. It’s fun to watch their videos as they use humor too. It’s really an enjoyable channel for most college students.  

Khan Academy  

If you want to see lessons about economics, science, or math, the Khan Academy channel is one of the best options. It’s amazing how you would feel like you are in an actual classroom when you watch the videos. And we have to say, the examples are easy to understand too.  


Many people are intimidated by Science because the concepts are hard to grasp. It’s as if you need to be a genius to understand everything. But that can change if you subscribe to AsapSCIENCE. They have this amazing way of simplifying concepts which makes it enjoyable to study.  

Ted Ed  

It would be a mortal sin not to include Ted Ed in this list. The channel started last March 2011 and offers several classes. From here, you can find health studies, business, visual arts, and even mathematics. What’s great about their videos is that they use animations, which even a college student will truly appreciate. Back in 2019, the channel was viewed more than 1.6 billion times. Now that’s hard to top.  


What we love about Veritasium is that it widens your bank of knowledge with interesting facts around the globe. You can find interviews and tours here as well. So if you wish to include something fascinating in your bucket list, this could be a great source for it.  


As a college student, you shouldn’t confine yourself to studying theories. You must also understand and apply life hacks. For example, do you even know how to open a wine bottle using a bike pump? Yes, the ideas could be crazy, but the channel teaches you how to be street smart.  

National Geographic  

Even before YouTube, National Geographic has been a favorite. And right now, they are expanding their reach by using the platform. They started in 2005 and they already have more than 12 million subscribers. This is a great sign that more people are willing to be educated. And we’re sure you are one of those too.  

MIT OpenCourseWare  

Would you like to learn real-life MIT curriculums? If yes, then this is the channel that will surely make you happy. You can check out subjects like Statistics, Science, and even Engineering. It’s as if you are learning from the best!  


Do you think you are not smart enough when it comes to computers or technology? If you want to hone your knowledge, the Computerphile channel is what you need. You will learn a lot of trivia and detailed explanations will be provided.  


What we love about SmarterEveryDay is that it does exactly just that. If you subscribe to their channel, you will know interesting things. The approach is casual, and you will never be bored. Watching one video a day will certainly help you. 

Thomas Frank  

We included Thomas Frank’s channel because you can learn how to become more productive. Plus, there are a lot of guides on how you can maximize your college life. Often, we are so lost that you don’t have an idea how to balance your studies and your personal life. But with this channel, you can learn from it. The principles could be used after you earn your degree too.   

Watching these channels is way better than watching non-sense ones. At least you will be able to learn, and you can use these knowledges not just in school. The facts you’d learn from some of these channels can always be a conversation starter. And yes, that could be your ticket in widening your network.   

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