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Best Ways To Make Money During Pandemic, College Tips 

During this pandemic, many people are financially challenged. Some lost their jobs and are finding ways to make ends meet. As a college student, you can do your part too. But what are the best ways to make money even with the global health crisis – and on top of your reports and exams? Here are a few things you can consider.  

Declutter And Sell Your Unused Items  

Since you have more time on your hands right now, why don’t you clean up your closet? Look for things which you are not using for a long time and sell them. You would be surprised how many people would be willing to buy secondhand items.  

If you have books from college, then sell those as well. You see, students are also looking for cheaper ways to get a quality education. And pre-used books are just one of them.  

Be A Tutor  

Since many schools are not yet opening their doors for a traditional type of learning, most children and doing homeschooling. If you think you can tutor these kids, then go ahead and offer this type of service. However, take note that it takes a lot of patience to teach kids. And of course, since you are doing it online, it’s going to be more challenging.  

Cook Your Meals And Sell Some Of It  

If you have been ordering food online or from fast foods, then it’s about time that you limit it. What you can do is to prepare your own meals because you can save a lot of cash. And if you think you are good enough when it comes to cooking, then why not turn it into a small business?  

Prepare healthy salads or dishes and offer them to other university students. You will earn extra, and at the same time, you are promoting a healthier lifestyle.  

Consider Starting A Delivery Service  

Just in case you don’t know how to cook, there are other business ideas you can do as well. How about being your own delivery service and ask if your dormmates need something from the grocery store. For a small amount, you can do their errands and be able to earn.  

Now, if you have a bigger car, then a small ‘moving’ service could work as well.   

Offer Writing Services  

You would be surprised that companies and individuals from all over the globe are looking for people to write for them. They are looking for writers that can work on their websites, newsletters, and even social media pages. There is so much opportunity here and if you have a talent, then you might as well use it for extra cash.  

Graphic Design Services  

There is a tremendous demand for graphic design services. After all, businesses all over the globe have a requirement for such. Think about the regular social media posting and updates on websites.  

If you have knowledge on how to do it, we recommend that you brush the skill and build your portfolio. The beauty of our technology right now is that you can learn easily. Self-studying is easy with all the resources and you should take advantage of it.    

Babysitting, Pet sitting, and Housesitting  

The classic ‘sitting’ jobs still exist. These jobs are not glamorous (as some would put it), but it’s good money. Plus, given this pandemic, every dollar is important. Just make sure you will do your job well so you can get other clients.  

Imagine if you are going to stay in a beautiful house in the mountains. You don’t have to do much and you can still focus on reviewing your notes. The serenity and the ambiance will certainly help too.  

Be A Social Media Influencer  

This is a real job, even if other people ridicule it. You see, if you have a huge following and you think you can be a brand ambassador, then fine-tune your social media accounts and start working with different companies.  

While this isn’t easy money, it can have huge rewards when done right.  

There are still many ideas out there. In these trying times, we all need to be creative and resourceful. The answer isn’t always to stop school and to forget your dreams of getting a degree. Yes, there will be sacrifices. But at the end of the day, it will be worth it.  

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