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Best Way To Retain Information When Studying For An Exam

You already know the saying: “Work smart, not hard.” Personally, I disagree with that. It’s best to work smart and hard and then enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, if you’re studying, you probably don’t have much desire to overdo it because you’re not getting paid for the extra hard work. Therefore, while you want to put in a lot of effort, you don’t want to waste time. You want to maximize your study time by retaining as much information as possible. With that in mind, below are 7 Ways To Retain Information When Studying For An Exam.

1. Be The Teacher

Studies have shown that when you’re teaching information and concepts to someone else, you’re likely to retain at least 90% of that information and those concepts. If you’re wondering about the other 10%, there is no concrete information on that, but having someone else teach you the same information and concepts is likely a good idea. You will pick up on new information and ideas because it’s coming from someone else—a different perspective.

2. Study At The Right Time Of Day

Some people will tell you to study during the day so you’re not tired, but that’s not necessarily true. Whether you’re an Early Bird or a Night Owl depends on your genetics. And that stems all the way back from when there would be someone on night-watch to protect against predators and other threats. The following information is to help you understand the differences between the an Early Bird and a Night Owl so you know that it’s okay to study when you feel most comfortable doing so.

Early Birds tend to get higher grades in college and are less prone to depression and addiction. There is more white matter in the brain, which helps neurons communicate better.

Night Owls have higher cognitive abilities and tend to be more creative. Night Owls are also bigger risk takers, and they have higher cortisol levels, which prepares the body for an immediate threat. The risk-taking side leads to higher income potential in the future, but it also means more potential for loss.

A study showed that one hour after waking, Early Birds and Night Owls performed equally in memory and concepts. However, Night Owls performed significantly better 10 hours after waking.

One is not better than the other. This information is so you can accept which one you are and roll with it

3. Study One Concept At A Time

Never cruise right through a chapter. You’re going to learn much more by focusing on one concept within the chapter and staying there until you fully grasp the concept. Then move along slowly.

4. Write, Read, Listen, Watch

To really retain information, write what you learn and read it back to yourself, make an audio file where you’re speaking and listen to it back, and even make a video and watch it back. You will likely be surprised by how you perform on that exam.

5. Organize Your Space

Declutter and remove all distractions. You will see an enormous difference.

6. Use Association

I had a friend that used to live on the other side of the Charlotte. I could never remember the street name he lived on. For the fifth time, he told me it was Providence Road. From that day on, I always reminded myself how I used to go to Providence in Rhode Island for nightclubs when I lived in Massachusetts. I haven’t forgotten that street name since.

7. Exercise

As usual, exercise does so much for you. Studies of rats and mice have shown an increase in the size of the hippocampus when exercise was increased.

Apply the information above and you will crush your next exam.

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