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Best Vitamins For College Students In 2022

We are all affected by the pandemic. Some got sick and others lost their jobs. Either way, it wasn’t the best years of our lives. This has opened our eyes that health is indeed wealth. And even if things are getting back to normal, you have to prioritize your health. It’s one of the best investments you could make today.¬†

Apart from eating the right food and being physically active, you should also get vitamins. But which vitamins are best for college students like you? 

Look no further as we have a list for you. We narrowed down the options so you can pick your vitamins and be able to stay healthy while in college. 

B Vitamins

B vitamins are important if you want to have enough energy to finish all your schoolwork. B vitamins are composed of B6, B12, thiamin, niacin, folic acid and riboflavin, which your body cannot produce. Thus, these supplements are highly recommended. 

Vitamin D 

When you are a college student, you are prone to getting sick. This is especially true if you live in a dormitory or other shared spaces. It is a must that you get vitamins that can help you boost your immunity. This is where vitamin D could help you. During the winter season, it’s easy to catch colds and flu, so make sure you are protected.¬†


We haven’t met a college student that wasn’t stressed for a time or two. If you are currently stressed about your studies and other social obligations, we recommend getting Omega-3 supplements. This can help you reduce inflammation and can boost your heart health. As a result, you would be able to manage your stress better.¬†

If you still don’t have your supply of omega-3, you can include salmon in your diet at least twice a week.¬†

Calcium And Magnesium 

Calcium encourages bone health in young adults. Magnesium, on the other hand, is important to make energy and for maintaining bone density. You might think you don’t need it now, but you will certainly reap the rewards in the future.¬†

Best Vitamins Brands For College Students 

Here are a few brands that you might want to consider. These are also highly recommended by professionals. 

Pure Encapsulations 

Pure Encapsulations have omega-3s, sports supplements and prenatal. These are proven safe and could address a number of health issues. Expect that their products are free from additives and fillers. 

HUM Nutrition 

Their products are made with clinically proven nutrients that can help improve skin, digestion and even mood. As college students, this is something you can benefit from. 

Garden Of Life 

This supplement values transparency, sustainability and quality and is one of the best vegan vitamins brands today. To date, they have more than 150 options to choose from.   

Persona Nutrition 

Personal Nutrition has a five-minute assessment that can help you personalize your vitamins. The products are sourced from different nutritionists and doctors, ensuring the quality of the supplements. When you receive your product, it provides detailed information, even potential allergens. 


If you are looking for vitamins that do not have artificial flavors, colors and fillers, this is one of the brands. The company has a comprehensive list of information about their products, making it perfect if you want to fully understand what goes into your body. 

Thorne Research 

Thorne Research has a number of options to choose from as well. They have multivitamins, omega-3s, probiotics and even prenatal vitamins, to name a few. The brand uses high-quality ingredients and their products are free from contaminants. 

NOW Foods 

NOW is a family-owned company but has proven its worth in the industry. They have an in-house laboratory that ensures the quality of their products. They also have options for vegan and vegetarians, making them a favorite brand of most people. 

Know Your Vitamins 

Before you choose your vitamins, it’s best that you do your due diligence. Make sure that it has been tested by a third party and that it has the right certifications. Apart from that, make it a habit to read the ingredients.¬†

Consult Your Doctor For The Best Vitamins 

The brands we’ve provided above are just recommendations. We strongly encourage you to consult your doctor first, especially if you suffer from certain health conditions.¬†¬†

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