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Best Vitamins and Supplements for College Students

As a young adult with tons of responsibilities, you should never neglect your health. Apart from eating the right foods, regularly exercising, you must also take the right vitamins and supplements. The question now is, what are the best ones for college students? Which vitamins will help you stay strong and sharp throughout your university life? Look no further as we have the list for you.   

Vitamin C   

We all know that vitamin C is essential to strengthening our immune system. And as a college student, this is a must. If you are living in a dormitory, you are even more susceptible to getting sick. Avoid having common flu or colds by taking vitamin C. Your orange juice will not cut it.   

In addition, vitamin C can protect your cardiovascular health and is also beneficial for the skin.    

American Health Ester – C   

They call it 24-hour immune support and a daily serving should be enough. This is also gentle on the stomach and is perfect if you are acidic. With optimal absorption, your body can absorb the vitamins better. It doesn’t have gluten, no yeast, no wheat, no milk, and is non-GMO.   


If you want to maintain healthy nail and hair growth, biotin is the way to go. We understand that for some, this might not be a priority. But it wouldn’t hurt if you want to stay fabulous amidst the tons of reports and exams every semester.    

Biotin by Nature’s Bounty   

These are rapid release softgels and made by a brand that has been in the market for 50 years. Thus, a lot of college students and young adults trust the company.    

Vitamin B12   

This is recommended, most especially if you choose a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 is commonly found in food products like eggs and meat. And not having enough Vitamin B12, you are jeopardizing your metabolism and energy. As we all know, energy is important for college students to be able to handle all the demands of different professors or instructors.   

Bulk Supplements’ Methylcobalamin   

Methylcobalamin is the natural form of Vitamin B12. You should take 50mg once a day or as prescribed by your doctor.   

Gingko Biloba   

Today, a lot of college students are also taking traditional Chinese medicine to improve their health. One of these is Gingko Biloba, where it could potentially improve one’s cognitive performance. Thus, if your degree requires a lot of memorization and analytical skills, taking this might be a good idea.   


We also recommend that you take probiotics supplement as these good bacteria can promote healthy digestion. Aside from that, it also improves your immunity. As most experts would say, it will all start with the gut.   

Fish Oil   

Naturally, a Western diet is known to be lacking DHA and EPA. Having said that, you should take fish oil rich in omega-three fatty acids that can help your brain, eyes, and heart function properly.   

Carlson – The Very Finest Fish Oil   

If you want a nice tasting fish oil, this could be your best bet. Plus, the method of manufacturing this product is traditional and sustainable. Thus, you are getting only the best.   


Of course, you should take calcium supplements as early as now. Your bone health is essential, most especially if you have an active lifestyle.  

Vitamin D3  

This type of vitamin cannot be obtained from food. We can only get this by exposing ourselves to sunlight. Also, there are milk products commercially available having this type of vitamin. You might want to check the labels first.  

There are a lot of multivitamins available, and as a college student, that’s an investment. Most of the time, these vitamins are affordable. Come to think of it. This is way better and cheaper than getting sick.   

Remember, to be able to balance your university life, it is not enough that you know proper time management skills. You must be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically, to be able to handle all the requirements and stress.  

If you wish to take the above recommendations, please make sure that you consult your doctor first. Do not self-medicate even if most of these vitamins and supplements are available over the counter. Bear in mind that we have different health conditions, and your body might react differently. As always, it is better to be safe.    

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