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Best Vacations Spots With College Friends

We all need a break once in a while, and it would be amazing if you travel with your college friends. But the real question is, where are you going?

If you have no idea of the best vacation spots around the world, here are some of our recommendations. Hopefully, you can save up because we have to tell you, traveling can teach you a lot of things. These things cannot be learned from your classroom or within your university. Thus, it’s a must that you include these in your bucket list.  

So, shall we? 


Ecuador is not a popular tourist destination, but that’s the beauty of it. It means it’s not expensive to go here with your friends.

While not as famous as other locations, do not be discouraged because there are a lot of things that you can see from here. The beautiful beaches and the historical places are just phenomenal. And if you worry about safety issues, then you have to train yourself on how to become a smart traveler. That way, you can avoid the common pitfalls.  

Costa Rica  

Are you and your friends looking for an adventure? If you are, then why not consider Costa Rica in your choices? Again, going here should not break the bank. It’s very affordable and the accommodations are reasonably priced. Don’t forget to try their local delicacies because these are just pure heavenly.  


Going to Europe isn’t exactly cheap, and that is why most college students are turned off to go here. But you have to make Albania an exception. It’s affordable and you get to experience a different type of culture.  


If you’re bound to Asia, then why not consider going to Thailand? You have amazing beaches, the food is great, and the people are hospitable. Of course, you have to be careful with the nightlife. But if you know your limitations, then that you’re going to enjoy this country.  


And when you still have the money and time to spare, why don’t you go to the nearby country, Cambodia? The historical architecture will make your jaw drop. It’s a bit expensive than other neighboring countries. But with the experience you get from it, it’s definitely worth it.   


Any person who would go to Vietnam will fall in love with the place, and we totally understand why. Its culture is interesting, the people are nice, the cost of living is low, and the food is just over the top. We bet that you would be eating your entire stay. But don’t worry about the cost because again, it’s relatively cheap.  


Many college students would like to go to Spain. But if you are under the recommended budget, then we encourage you to try Portugal. It’s equally beautiful and you get to do a lot of fun things. You can have great food, go to the beaches, and go hiking among many others.  

If you love seafood, then you better just go to their cafes and order their fresh ones. You will never forget that kind of extraordinary experience. 


If you want to see Chinese culture, then we encourage you to take your friends to China. It’s not an expensive travel destination. In fact, even the accommodations are perfect for college students like you. Don’t forget to visit the Great Wall as well. This is a good activity because you get to see one of the wonders of the world and you can exercise tremendously.   


What we love about India is that it is figuratively and literally colorful. You get to enjoy a lot of sites and embrace the culture as it is. There are no pretensions and you will be exposed to a lot of different experiences. This is what you need as a college student – to get out of your comfort zone and to be able to see what the world looks like outside of your school. 

 Just make sure that you will do your research so you will stay safe.  


If you like to experience the sun and you are fed up with the cold weather, then going to Indonesia could be one of the best options right now. 

Go to Bali, enjoy the beaches, and just be with nature. We’re pretty sure your friends will enjoy it as the accommodations are fairly cheap. For a fraction of the cost, you get yourself a nice villa. It’s worth every penny.  

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