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Best Tools And Strategies That Will Help You Avoid Distractions

Best Tools And Strategies That Will Help You Avoid Distractions

There are many distractions. That’s a fact. And if you will keep entertaining these distractions, you’d end up missing your deadline or you’d fail your course. So the question now is, what do you have to do? 

Fortunately, there are techniques that can help you. In fact, several apps are already at our disposal so that we can keep our focus. Let’s share some of the best techniques and tools with you.  


This app was created to heighten your productivity. This is ideal for college students like you. You will create a list of websites that you wish to block. And when need to start your tasks, you won’t be able to access these. You will also hear sounds that will help you hyper-focus. When you try to open a website in your blocked list, you will be prompted with a countdown timer. Take note though that you can integrate your daily plans into this.   


Freedom is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome, and Android. What Freedom does is that it blocks all your distractions from your devices. So for example, you don’t want to be notified on Instagram. You can block it using your phone and it will do the same on your computer. No need to do it on different gadgets.  

There’s also a lockdown mode where you are not allowed to edit your blocklists while your session is active. And another feature you can enjoy is that you can play background sounds such as from nature.  


One of our favorite apps that could help us avoid distractions is forest. And yes, you can help build a forest just by focusing on your core work. The way it works is that you open your app on your phone and say that you wish to plant a tree. Now, if you pick your phone too early, and try to access another app, your tree will not survive.  

If you get the paid version of the app, you can fund real trees.  

For those who do not want apps, then here are some practical yet highly effective strategies that can make you focus when studying. Take note that the same techniques can be used when you work. So, learning these could be beneficial in the future too.  

Know The Best Time To Study  

We all have different optimal times to study. Some can focus in the morning. While others can do it at night. It doesn’t matter which time you prefer, as long as it works for you. Try to identify the best times you can focus and build your schedule from there.  

Write Your To-Do List  

This might seem like a no-brainer but you have to write down everything that you need to do for the day. That way, you can condition yourself on how much effort you need. We recommend that you put your list on an area where you can always see it. This is so you will be reminded throughout the day of the things you still need to accomplish.  

While some people are using digital planners, others are more comfortable using traditional ones. We recommend the latter too.  

Use Noise-Canceling Headphones  

If you live in a noisy environment, you can get quality noise-canceling headphones. Just a quick search in Amazon and you are all set. This is ideal if your dormmate is always too loud, or if you want to study on the school grounds. It’s a great investment because you can also use this when you are riding the plane and you don’t want to hear unnecessary noises.  

Clear Up Your Desk  

You should also keep your desk organized. Otherwise, you could be easily distracted too. A cluttered desk might work for some. But we have to say, only a small percentage can do that. Remove all things not needed for studying. For example, keep your phone away. Or if you have magazines in there, make sure to place it somewhere else. 

Small Rewards  

It is crucial that you keep yourself motivated while you are working on something. Having said that, try to give yourself small rewards when you reach a milestone.  

Were you able to finish a chapter?  

Have you done your research paper ahead of schedule?  

Then go for a quick nap or order a nice meal for dinner.   

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