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Best Things To Do When Having A Bad Day, College Tips  

College life is not always fun and games. There are instances when you feel demotivated. Either you are tired from all the schoolwork activities or have issues with other aspects of your life. 

There are tons of reasons why you could be having a bad day. But one thing is certain. You have to do something about it. Here are the best things you could do when you are having a bad day.

Take A Break Away From the Drama

When having a bad day, it is good to stay away from the place that upset you. The longer you stay in that place, the harder it gets to move on. Take a walk in your campus yard or find a serene place where you can meditate and relax. 

Having a bad day is not like a light switch wherein you can easily turn it off. Give yourself some time to recover. Eventually, you will be able to think more rationally and continue with your daily activity.

Have Deep Breaths

According to a study, deep breaths decrease stress and makes people calm. The brain releases cortisol when you are stressed. When you try to take deep breaths, more oxygen enters your bloodstream and tells the brain to calm down. 

Deep breathing also increases the endorphins, which is known as the “feel good” hormone in the body.

Do Not Dwell On the Problem

Trying to fixate yourself on the problem would do you more harm than good. Rather than looking at it negatively, find a positive side and work around that. Look forward to other positive things in your life. 

You might have suffered something upsetting, but it does not mean that you should let that single incident ruin your whole day. Remember, every problem has a solution and dwelling on it is not one of them. 

Spend Time With Your Friends

True friends stick together through good times and bad times. It’s nice to have friends at school that you can talk to in times like this. Rather than trying to be alone and feeling lonely, surround yourself with your peers. Vent out how you feel to them. Sometimes all you need is a company to feel better.

Divert Your Attention And Do Something Productive

When you are having a bad day, oftentimes, it’s hard to stay focused. To keep your mind off it, find something that you could do to divert your attention. 

Usually, doing what you like the most usually works. If you are into music, play some songs. Are you a movie buff? Go and watch a movie. 

The bottom line is, you need to compose yourself and relax.

Write In A Journal

Some of you may not be comfortable talking about your issues with other people. One thing you could do is write what you feel in a journal. 

Write everything that happened to you and the reason why you are having a bad day. At the same time, write things that would make you feel better and what you’re most thankful for. 

Based on a study, people who write positive things tend to have a more optimistic mindset than those who only write irritating things.

Go Get Yourself Some Comfort Foods

When it comes to stress relievers, nothing beats comfort foods. But there is a scientific explanation why comfort foods such as sweets, work well in making you feel calmer. 

Comfort foods trigger the brain’s reward system. This gives a sense of emotional elevation, which is why you feel happy and nostalgic when you eat these foods. 

Just keep in mind that these foods are high in fat and high in calorie, so just take it in moderation.

Bad days happen to everyone. You don’t know when it will hit you and how. 

In some cases, it hits you pretty bad that you lose track of what you’re supposed to do for that day. Do not let this happen. 

Life is all about challenges and how you deal with it. 

As a college student, you should learn how to manage your emotions. You should be able to do your tasks no matter what. If you could train yourself to do this, then it would benefit you in your future career.

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