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Best Themes For Your Next College Party

Best Themes For Your Next College Party

College parties are some of the best memories you would be able to create during your entire life. These parties are known to be outlandish and crazy. But that is what makes it fun. Of course, you need to set your limitations as you also don’t want to do something that can damage your future. 

Speaking of parties, are you about to host one? If yes, then make sure you have a theme so that it will be a blast. We’re pretty sure parties with beer and pizza alone won’t cut it anymore. You have to make it special.

There is no limit to what kind of theme you want to do. But if you are running out of ideas, here are a few ones that could help you. 

Apocalypse Party

This may be a bit too cliche, but you can’t argue that dressing up as a zombie is pretty fun – especially now that people are going crazy about what life would be like after the pandemic. Sometimes, it’s nice to make fun of something serious. 

What’s nice about this theme is that the party-goers don’t need to spend a lot. Just a trashy shirt with a beat-up makeup should do you good. As for your venue, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier it is, the more realistic it could become. 

Meme Theme Party

Memes have been a part of our everyday life. You can’t even browse your social media account without bumping into one. So why not just create a theme out of these memes. Imagine yourself coming in as the dancing coffin guys, all while dancing! That would be hilarious. 

Highschool Throwback

Admit it. Most of us want the reminisce our high school lives. College life is fun, but there is something about being in high school that sticks – forever. 

Come into your old high school uniforms, if it still fits,. Or come with any high school stereotypes. Maybe this time you can finally be the school jock. How about the cheerleader? Or maybe you are the school principal? You can even go to the party dressed up as a mascot. 

Graffiti Party

This is a unique theme yet works really well. All you need are white shirts and some neon glow-in-the-dark paints and markers. When your party-goers come, you can have everyone draw on you and just be creative. In fact, you can ask them to wear white and you just provide markers where people could go around and write.  

You can also dedicate a “shout-out wall” where anyone can paint as well. Just make sure you’re ready to clean up afterward.

Holiday Theme

Holiday theme parties have always been on the list. You don’t have to wait for the exact date to celebrate the holiday—Christmas in June, Valentines in July, experience holidays all year round.

Who says you only have to eat that delightful turkey once a year?

Your Childhood Dream Party

Everyone wants to be a ‘someone’ when they grow up. So here is your chance to dress up like one. Be an astronaut, a race car driver, or a football player. This is your time to be what you want to be, at least for a day, that is.

Decade-Themed Party

Some of us dream of living in the 50s. Some wish to relive the feeling of  being in the 90s. So why not create a party wherein you can dress up according to your favorite decade?  It would be nice to see people dress up from various decades. Just make sure your playlist has a lot of songs from different era.  

Favorite Artist Theme

Not everyone is lucky enough to be a famous artist. So, here is your chance to become one. Dress up as your favorite artist, complete with the red carpet entourage. Just make sure you watch out for the paparazzi.

Favorite Movie

Everybody has that one movie that you can’t stop watching over and over again. So have a dress-up party as you imitate your favorite movie character. With thousands of movies available, you will never run out of ideas on whom to become.

And if you are to host it, decorate your home or venue like a movie set, complete with popcorn and drinks.


Korean pop culture has taken the world by storm. From BTS, TXT to Blackpink, and ITSY, people are going gaga over these Korean stars. 

Why not create a party dressing up as one. It’s nice to experience the culture of other countries every once in a while.

Pajama Parties

You might feel too old for this, but pajamas are becoming a trend, even with popular icons. You can see them strutting their inspired pajama suits during the red carpet. Crazy, but it happens. 

What’s good about this is that you can go straight back to bed after the party without the need to change clothes.

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to thinking of party themes. Some may not be into it, but at the end of the day, it adds life to the party. In fact, it could be the talk of the town. Enjoy, have fun and create these ever-lasting memories.

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