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Best Student Career Advice You Will Read This Year

Do you ever feel lost with your career path? You might not even know what your career path will be. And if you do know your path, you don’t know what steps to take to reach your destination. If this is how you feel, the information here will help a great deal, but prior to getting to that information, you should know that how you feel right now is normal and that you should never focus on the destination. The destination is the journey itself. Below are five tips that will help you on this journey.

1. Get An Internship

If you want to stand out to employers, you should strongly consider getting an internship. Employers love to see this for two reasons. One, it shows you’re a risk-taker. Two, you will gain experience in the field. These are both important factors, but neither of them are the most important factor when getting an internship.

The most important factor is that you will get to see if this is really what you want to do. If you wake up before work every day and ask yourself if this is your path, then it’s not your true passion. If it was your true passion, you wouldn’t be questioning it and you would wake up feeling energized and looking forward to work.

If it is your true passion, you will develop problem-solving skills specific to the field. Additionally, you will be networking. You could even end up working at your internship after graduation. If you did a great job but they don’t have any openings, they might recommend you to someone else.

2. Don’t Fear Changing Your Degree

Too many students are put on a path chosen by others, which is often a path chosen by a family member. This is your time to break free of influence and do what you truly want. If you’re in Finance and you consistently loathe going to class, then you shouldn’t be in Finance. If you spend a lot of your free time taking photos, look into Photography. If you spend a lot of your free time writing stories, strongly consider Writing.

Finding what you love to do isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s what you do when not working. When you turn that into your career path, you will be one of the few and fortunate people who loves what they do. That is true wealth.

3. Study Abroad

Just like internships, employers love to hire those who have studied abroad. This doesn’t mean you will get the job of your dreams, but it will increase your odds. Employers want people with global experience. However, that shouldn’t be the primary reason for studying abroad.

Your primary reason for studying abroad should be more on a personal level. Some people live and others merely exist. If you study abroad, you are living. You will learn and understand another culture. You will also experience new smells, sights, and sounds, which will all make you feel alive.

4. Get In Touch With Alumni

Find alumni in the same field and ask them questions. Find out what did and didn’t work for them. Ask how they landed their current job. In return, buy them lunch.

Networking is imperative if you want to succeed. Who you know will drive much of your success. Therefore, get to know a lot of people. And even if you’re broke, that lunch is likely to be an excellent investment.

5. Failure Is Good

You can’t win without losing. Look at Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan. Those are just a few examples. They succeeded because they never stopped until they won. When you fail, it means you’re trying. That’s why you should never get frustrated with failure. Pave your path brick by brick, and always remember that the biggest things start small.

This is likely to be one of the deeper career advice articles you will ever read. It’s about more than just your career. It’s really about finding happiness through your true passion. Whenever you’re feeling frustrated, refer back to this article and begin again.


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