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Best Spring Break Destinations

Most college students are looking forward to having their spring break. This is when they can have the chance to enjoy and relax before they take their finals and finish their graduation requirements.

Now, if you are planning to have a trip and are searching for a great place to spend your vacation, here is a list of the best spring break destinations you and your friends can go to.

Miami Beach, Florida

Explore the shores of “America’s Riviera.” It is full of people from different cultures and is riddled with galleries, museums, and theaters. 

The diversity of the people in Miami Beach is one reason why it is fun to spend your vacation there. You’ll get to know diverse cultures from all around the globe, and you don’t have to fly around to do it. 

The city also transforms at night from being a family-friendly beach to a stylish, high-end metropolis. Just make sure to get your wallets and credit cards ready, as it is very easy to overspend on a place like this.

Cabo San Lucas

Located in Baja, California, Cabo San Lucas became a popular destination back in the 70s when the elite and celebrities used this place as their getaway location. 

It may have lost that glitter it used to have, but you cannot deny that it still has its beauty that attracts many college students and tourists alike. 

Sunbathe on the shores of Playa Medano or Playa del Amor. These are the two most popular beaches in the area. Just make sure that you take extra care when swimming because of their strong undertows and vicious waves.


With its white sand beach and picturesque coastline, what’s not to love about Cancun? 

Located in Mexico City, it has multiple budget friendly resorts which are perfect for college students like yourself. 

Unfortunately, in 2005, Cancun suffered damages from Hurricane Wilma. But fast forward to today, it is back onto its feet ever so alive again. 

You can enjoy the beaches and nightlife when in Cancun. If you want something a bit different, you can try and visit the underwater art museum on Isla Mujeres. You can also go to a nearby town called Tulum to see some of the world’s best Mayan ruins.

The Bahamas

Everyone might have heard of this great place called the Bahamas. Dubbed as the Las Vegas of the Caribbean, it is the perfect spring break location for those who want to enjoy life in a casino but also want to have a relaxing time on a beach. 

The Bahamas gives you the best of both worlds with their Nassau Casinos and world-renowned beaches. With 700 islands to choose from, you’ll definitely not run out of things to do here.

Panama City Beach

With 27 miles of beaches full of lively parties and packed clubs, Panama City is the go-to place for students who want to party.

But Panama is not just about getting drunk and having fun. Its pearly white beaches and bottlenose dolphins playfully swimming around is something everyone should experience. 

Unfortunately, if you are planning to get drunk in Panama, put those plans on hold as their law restricts drinking alcohol on the beach during the time of March. But this should not deter you and your friends from enjoying this quintessential Florida getaway.

South Padre Island

If you are into beach parties, concerts and celebrity-filled events but are on a tight budget, then South Padre Island is the right place for you. 

Located in Texas, it has become one of the favorite spots of college students, especially during March. With its white sandy beach and sparkling blue water, it is definitely a place beach lovers should go. There are various water activities you can do in South Padre such as surfing, diving, fishing, jet-skiing, kiteboarding, and boating.

Enjoying spring break with your college friends is part of college life that everyone remembers. It is not just a time to unwind but also a time to strengthen and create new bonds that you would then cherish for the rest of your lives.

Also, remember that it’s not just about the place, but the people you spend it with. Having said that, make sure you are picky with the people you would invite. That way, you can genuinely enjoy your spring break.

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