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Best Sports You Can Try Out During College 

We know many college students who aren’t physically active. And while we understand that there are tons of schoolwork to finish, that doesn’t give you a license to live a sedentary lifestyle. What if you try out a few sports? That way, you can create balance and you stay physically, emotionally, and mentally active.  

Yes, doing sports is not just beneficial to your physical health. It’s also important to stay mentally and emotionally fit. So, let’s cut the chase and scroll more to know the best sports you can try out as a university student.  


The first on our list is running. You basically just need to get your running shoes, change into your running clothes, and you are good to go. It’s inexpensive and you can do it even on your school grounds. Even a 20-minute run will do you good, so we suggest that you take advantage of it.  

During the weekends, find a trail and try trail running. It keeps your adrenaline high, and it feels good to finish obstacles.  


Yes, dancing is a sport and a fun way to burn calories. There are many classes available now. You can try modern ones or go for traditional ballroom dances. Whatever you choose, we’re sure it’s going to show positive results on your body.  

We also recommend trying dances that will require a partner or with a group. This can help you build teamwork as well.  


We also encourage university students to invest in a bike. You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones though. Just get something that will take you from point A to point B. Apart from working out your muscles, you are also decreasing your carbon footprint if you use your bike going to school or if you have errands.  


If you want to go solo and maximize your ‘me’ time, then we suggest that you try swimming. Also, it’s a survival skill. So, if you don’t know how to swim, better learn it right away.  

Most likely, if you are studying in the university, you have your own pool. Ask if you are allowed to use it and what time you can go for a swim. At least you don’t have to pay extra for it.  


If you want to be more disciplined and stronger, football is one of the best choices. It’s beneficial for your muscles and will help your cardiovascular health. In addition, you will have an improved balance when you play this sport. Team sports will always be fun, most especially if you are playing with friends.  


If you want to try out an indoor sport, badminton could be a great choice. Plus, the equipment isn’t expensive too. Ask your friends to join you and have a friendly match. It is popular in Asia, but in recent years, people all over the globe are already enjoying it.  

Table Tennis  

Similar to badminton, you can also try out table tennis. This is way better than joining a beer pong, don’t you think?  


If you are addicted to Netflix, you’ve probably seen Cobra Kai. And while some of the scenes paint Karate in a bad light, learning martial arts can be extremely beneficial. Also, the world we live in can be unsafe. So it’s always good to learn self-defense.   

Why You Should Try Out Sports?  

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of being physically active. Of course, it will help you maintain your weight, or lose unhealthy ones. In addition, you definitely need a break. When you are studying in the university, it isn’t enough that you have good grades or that you understand all the concepts and theories. You also need to have that balance so you can perform well. And by being active, you can do that.  

Another reason why you have to try out sports is that it can develop self-confidence. And as college students, you need to forge your self-esteem as early as possible. You can certainly use it when looking for a job in the future.  

Before you try out a new activity, we suggest that you visit your doctor first. Make sure that your health and condition are ideal for the sport that you will try. Otherwise, you are putting yourself in danger.  

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