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Best Self-Defense Techniques For College Students

Life can be quite busy that we often forget about the dangers around us. We would all like to avoid being involved in something risky and frightening. However, there will be times where we see ourselves facing danger eye-to-eye.

This is especially true for young adults like college students. As we enjoy freedom, living alone and being liberated from our parents and guardians, we also become susceptible to dangerous situations inside and outside campus. Living in a new city, with new friends, a new job and a new schedule does not secure you from a potential threat or attack.

As you go through your experiences as a young adult inside campus, you should at least be aware of situations to avoid and basic self defense techniques to keep you safe, in and outside campus.

Never Walk Alone

Whether outside or inside campus, always try to have a companion with you. This makes no difference whether you are a guy or a girl. The most impossible thing can happen, during a time you least expect it, especially after dark. If walking with a companion is something inconvenient or inaccessible for you, at least stay in public areas with people, well-lit paths and security cameras. Avoid dark alleys and areas that harbor unsafe circumstances.

Carry Self-Defense Weapons

Although schools are quite strict when it comes to carrying weapons inside campus, there are a number of self-defense accessories that are permitted. Among the popular and allowed self-defense weapons on campus include pepper sprays, key chains and flashlights. Stun guns and tactical pens can make you feel secure too but may require approval from your professors or the security on campus.

Check for Existing Campus Safety Apps 

There are several applications available nowadays that promote safety inside and outside campus. Among the popular apps includes Circle of 6, MyForce and bFace.

Circle of 6 is an app personally made for college students to let their contacts know if they are in an emergency or require help. The app sends a GPS location to all of the six contacts that you have included in the app.

If mobile applications are not your thing, you can also check your campus if they have free escort services from school police officers, students or groups to help you feel safe while inside the university. Check with your campus security if they have programs when it comes to the safety and peace of mind of their students.

Learn Self-Defense

Protecting yourself by learning to fight back in the event that you need to is also essential. Although you may want to avoid this as much as you can, this is considered as your last defense option. 

Enroll in a self-defense class or if you have the time, take karate or taekwondo lessons. Most universities offer practical martial arts classes and self-defense tactics for both men and women. Take these classes seriously because you will never know if you’ll be needing them someday. 

Always Focus on Your Surroundings

One of the most common mistakes that college students make is focusing on their phones too much. When walking late at night on campus or while sitting in your car, it would be best to be aware of your surroundings. If you are too focused with your device, it gives your attacker the perfect opportunity to catch you off guard. 

It would be best to avoid using headphones when walking by yourself. Having full blast music while crossing the street or getting out of the parking lot put you at risk not only for attacks but also by being hit by a moving vehicle. Being more vigilant, especially outside, while alone can save your life.

In general, you should be always alert and thread with caution, especially during late night outside your dorm or even while you are out of the campus during daytime. Danger can happen anywhere.

Common sense can also keep you safe. When in doubt or when you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call for help. In the end, the more aware and informed you are increases your chances of survival during the most crucial and unexpected moments in your life.

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