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Best Schools For Engineering Students

Engineering is one of the most lucrative courses that you can take in college. It opens many opportunities after graduation that allow you to get a chance for a high-paying job. But with thousands of students taking up this course, you need to have something that would separate you from the rest.

Of course, graduating with honors is the number one advantage you can have, but another one is taking this course from the best engineering schools. Here are some of the best universities when it comes to engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When you talk about top engineering schools, MIT would always be part of the list – if not on top. Around 45 percent of all graduate students from this university are enrolled in the School of Engineering. MIT boasts 20 research centers located on campus and is dedicated to exploring various topics like soldier nanotechnology and cancer research, just to name a few.

Stanford University

Stanford University ranked number two in the best engineering schools and is known for its Electrical, Communication, and Environmental Health Engineering courses. Stanford has 286 full-time faculty staff, and that is for their Engineering department alone.

University Of California Berkeley

This University has 40 research centers and institutes where students can actively participate. A master’s degree at the University of California Berkeley usually takes two years, but they offer an accelerated program wherein students can do it in only one year. The university also provides an advanced degree in eight areas, including Operations Research, Applied Science and Technology, and Industrial Engineering.

California Institute Of Technology

Located 10 miles away from Los Angeles, this university is best known for its top civil, electrical, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering courses. 

Students can opt to earn a master’s degree in one year or participate in any of the research centers and institutes the campus has to offer. It includes the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering and the Center for Science and Engineering of Materials. They also offer a Phd program for those who want to become a medical scientist.

Carnegie Mellon University

Ranked as the fourth best engineering university in the United States, Carnegie Mellon University has 301 full-time faculty on its staff. 

What is good about Carnegie is that their students have the option to participate and study in different research programs worldwide, such as in Japan, Portugal, and Chile. 

Located in Pittsburgh, Pa, Carnegie Mellon University has 30 research centers on campus and is famous for its software management and engineering degree.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor belonged to the top 10 engineering schools in America and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The school offers various masters and doctoral programs that emphasize project-based learning. They also hold an annual engineering graduate symposium where students can present their research projects and hear input from other engineering professionals and experts.

Georgia Institute Of Technology

Georgia Institute Of Technology offers extensive degree options that focus on a wide variety of specializations, ranging from aerospace engineering to medical physics. They also ranked the highest in programs such as biomedical engineering and industrial engineering. Georgia Institute offers dual programs that send students to partner schools abroad, including Germany. Korea and France.

University Of California San Diego

This university is highly ranked, especially in the field of bioengineering. The school ranks number nine in the United States and has 1350 graduate students coming from their School of Engineering. It also offers partnership programs where their students can become an intern in top companies such as Cisco Systems Inc. 

They also run various research centers, including the Center for Energy Research and the Center for Wireless Communications. They are affiliated with other top centers like the Whitaker Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Graduating from any of these universities would help spearhead your career in the field of engineering. These schools have the resources and network to help build your skill and become one of the best engineers in the industry. But remember that your success does not end with your school, as you still need to study hard and exert time and effort to become successful. It will all boil down to your dedication and passion to bring change.

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