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Best Road Trip Destinations For Your College Friends 

College life can be draining. All those hours studying, doing homework, writing papers, listening to lectures, and taking exams can take their toll. That is why it is equally important to take your time off and spend some quality and fun time with your friends. 

Yes, your priority in college is to learn but learning is not just about going into class and reading books. It is also about the experience and memories you create and the journey that comes along with it. 

List Of The Best Road Trip Destinations, College Guide

Here are some great road trip ideas you can enjoy with your friends to break that monotonous college schedule you have right now.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

No road trip would be complete without visiting one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. You can either go to the Canadian side or if you don’t have any plans of crossing the border then you can enjoy it as well on the American side in New York. Aside from the falls, there are also other affordable attractions within the area that you can visit and enjoy.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

If visiting waterfalls is your thing, then here is another one. The Havasu Falls is another great option for those who would prefer to travel South. The water may not be as powerful as the ones from Niagara Falls but it is equally as majestic and awe-inspiring. The surroundings allow you to have that deep connection with nature that makes it feel almost magical. If this is the experience that floats your boat, then Havasu Falls should be on your bucket list.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you are a beach person then this place is for you. It is one of the most popular beach destinations on the Atlantic coast as it boasts 60 miles of the most pristine coastline. Not only that, but this place is also a party scene as there are tons of places you can have fun and enjoy with your friends. Myrtle Beach also offers private spots for those people who just want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature and bask in all its glory.

Key West, Florida

If you are more into that laidback carefree vibe and just want to enjoy the beach time with your friends, then Key West in Florida is the destination for you. With its sandy beach and crystal blue waters, what’s not to like?

New Orleans, Louisiana

If going to the beach is overrated for you then why not enjoy the culture and lifestyle New Orleans has to offer. 

You are never in New Orleans if you do not visit Bourbon Street. This place is famous for its Mardi Gras that happens in February, but the colorful happenings, live music, dancing and of course beignets happens all year long. If fun and history is your kind of thing, then pack up your bags, start your car then head straight to here.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

If you want to experience surfing minus the water then you might want to try sandboarding in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. 

It is not limited to sandboarding, of course, as you can also do other things such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking. This is the perfect place for college friends who want to have a great outdoor adventure away from city life.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

If you are not into arts, the beach, and nightlife and just want to enjoy nature at its finest, then head over the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and serene moments that lets you reflect on life. Complete that nature experience and rent a cabin with your friends. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

And of course, the favorite road trip destination of many college students, Las Vegas. You might think that it is an expensive place to visit but there are affordable options for you. And yes, you can still experience the same features you get from fancy hotels. 

Now the reason why they say Vegas is expensive is that when you start to gamble and don’t control yourself, you can easily wipe out all your pocket money and then some. So just keep in mind that when visiting Vegas, keep the gambling to a minimum and enjoy the nightlife scene this place has to offer. 

So, what’s your destination? Ask your friends and start planning. Keep in mind that when planning on a trip, work within your budget. It is not about how much money or how glamorous your trip is, it is all about building memories and simply having fun.

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