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Best Professions If You Don’t Want A 9 To 5, College Guide  

Times have changed. Before, when you are not working 9 to 5, your profession will be frowned upon. However, with the rise of new professions, flexibility has become an option.   

Of course, many still enjoy the traditional 9 to 5 as they are more efficient when there is a fixed schedule. But for others, it doesn’t go that way. And if you are one of the latter, then this post is for you. We will share some of the best professions if you want to stay out of the office yet be able to earn good money.   

Substitute Teacher   

If you love to teach but can’t imagine yourself staying in the room for long hours, then why don’t you try becoming a substitute teacher? At least, you will just be on an on-call basis, and you can decline if your schedule will not allow it.   

Content Writer   

Many companies are hiring the services of a content writer. You see, there is a huge demand for it because brands need to update their website, write new blog content, and have great captions for their social media.   

You can work with as many clients as you want to. If you need to take a break, then that’s fine. Plus, the work can be done remotely. So even if you are relaxing at a beach in Bali or the Philippines, that’s fine as long as you can deliver the output.   


If you have an eye for beauty and can take amazing pictures, you can consider becoming a photographer.   

There is a lot of room to grow with this profession. Plus, clients are generous enough to have their photos taken professionally. You can focus on becoming an events photographer. Or if you want to focus on brands and products, that’s good too. With the rise of eCommerce nowadays, that’s going to be a lucrative job once you have the right connections.   

Graphic Designer   

Another in-demand profession right now is graphic designers. It’s easy to claim that you are one. But this job requires expertise.   

If you wish to work with big companies, you must understand how real branding works. This means you shouldn’t base your design on aesthetics alone. It must be something compelling enough and could deliver the message to the target audience.   

Do you have the skills? Do you have the tools? If yes, then we say build your portfolio and get clients right away.   

Web Designers   

Since many people and companies are online, web designers and developers are needed. You can accept projects as long as you can handle them. And charge them a decent price tag. But of course, make sure that you provide them a design that is according to their niche.   

Social Media Manager   

Since social media is a huge thing, you can also be a social media manager. You can work anytime, and practically anywhere.   

But take note that being a social media manager isn’t just about posting images and captions. There must be a strategy behind everything, and market research is necessary. This is so you can pattern all your social media activities based on the audience.   


Are you multilingual? If yes, the perfect job for you is a translator. Usually, companies and organizations will call you up in case they have visitors overseas and they need to close deals.   

Tour Guide   

Once the pandemic is over, the travel and tourism industry is set to boom. If you have the passion to tell the history of the place, and if you love socializing, then becoming a tour guide could be the best profession for you.   

What’s good about this job is that it takes you to the best places. It’s as if you are playing but you are paid. So, what is not to like about this?   

Personal Trainer   

If you are a health buff and your objective is to help others to shift to a better lifestyle, then becoming a personal trainer could be a great choice. You might need to get certifications though before you can offer your services. Nevertheless, you can do what you love and earn at the same time.   

What’s great about not working from 9-5 is the sense of freedom. You can decide when to work, and when to have fun. 

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