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Best PlayStation Games For College Students

Although college life can be quite tough in terms of studies, it should welcome some fun and a little entertainment. Playing video games is one of them. Whether you are looking to rest after a major exam or stressed with a personal issue at school, video games can definitely give you the escape that you need.

Top 3 Video Games For College Students

If you are looking to spend some time alone or to bond with a friend between classes, these three video games would definitely keep you entertained. Fight stress or simply catch up and have some fun during your downtime.

Do you enjoy playing video games alone? There are benefits too! Improve your memory, attention and reaction time as you harness your cognitive skills with video games. But remember, enjoy some good old video gaming sessions moderately. The key is to have some fun without sacrificing your time for your studies. Here are some of the top video games perfect for college students.

Resident Evil

This game is one of the classics and offers exciting adventures every time you put it on your video game screens. A zombie-infiltrated game, it does not need that much of an introduction. The movie adaptation is enough to give us an idea of what we will about to go through inside the game.

Solve mysteries while you run around and defeat monsters, alone or better yet with friends. Seeing yourself go through silly moments or have fun doing the familiar challenges all over again would definitely give you the escape that you need from your stressful college life. It has an element of competition and the storyline has always been very appealing for all ages.


Minecraft is an all-generation type of game. It is something young kids can enjoy. Interestingly, adults can have a blast playing for hours too. 

The main concept of the game is to create your own little world inside a realm of your choosing, or assigned by the game. You get to create your home by gathering materials on your own. There are clues available outside the game but it would be even more exciting to gather objects on your own, discover new villages and hunt for food without cheat sets to help you in the game.

The great thing about the game is that you can play it by yourself. Build your world or simply explore what your realm offers. You can also play with friends as you level up your character, search for gems and diamonds as you prepare yourself to defeat the elder dragon. The fun part, you need to do this while defending yourselves from zombies, creepers, spiders and other enemies inside Minecraft. 

Take note that Minecraft is very popular with live streamers and YouTubers too – with thousands of content all dedicated to the game. You’ll never run out of places to see and videos to watch to familiarize yourself or get better with the game.

Star Wars Battlefront

If you love competing with friends in a role-playing game, Star Wars Battlefront will not disappoint. You can choose different characters and be someone different every time you play. 

Selecting skill levels and building up a strategy is all up to you, thus improving your tactics every time you begin with a new gameplay. Play alone, play as a team against other teams, or cooperate in secret, which is one of the highlights and unique features of the game. 

It can be quite addictive so schedule your video games session after school work. Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you will definitely enjoy this first and third-person shooter video game.

You can play in different periods of the Star Wars universe too, adding a new flavor to the game interface. Live out your Star Wars battle fantasies or simply have something fun to do during your downtime together with your good old trusted video game mates.

College video games, like the three mentioned above, require time and practice. However, even without the expertise required to win the game, it offers enough entertainment to keep one excited, happy and fulfilled after a productive day at school. Although the risk of prioritizing gameplay over studying is high, it is all about creating a balance between the things that make you happy and your priorities as a college student.

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