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Best Photo Editing Apps For College Students

Photographs, whether digital or printed ones, are a huge part of a college student’s life. They use it mostly for reports and presentations, and for many as a recreational escape that documents their experiences and life on campus. Thus, it is no surprise that we see it necessary to have image editing applications.

Advantages of Using Photo Editing Applications

There are plenty of advantages in using a photo editing app, especially for students. It can make images look more vibrant, appealing and fun. Damaged photos can be fixed though photo editing applications. They can bring life and color to old pictures too! Here are some additional benefits when using photo editing software.

Automatic Image Enhancement

Unlike expert Photoshop users, some are not capable of manually editing imperfections in images. A photo editing app changes that. It can easily remove flaws in images and make corrective changes in the photographs.

Compressing Data

If you are using images to load on your websites or in creating digital portfolios, it is important to compress your images prior to uploading to reduce issues on website speed and loading time. However, as you compress images, it is also important not to reduce the quality of these images. With an image editing application, it is quite easy, almost instant to compress images without losing its clarity.

Resizing Images

Photos are used on different platforms. They may be used for social media, banners, flyers and other marketing and presentation materials. A photo editing software helps you resize or scale images based on your needs or website requirements. You can easily adjust the height and width of images as you please.

Best Photo Editing Applications for Students

There are plenty of image modifying applications available for teachers and students nowadays. With so many to choose from, it can be quite difficult to determine which is the best one for your needs. Having too many applications on your phone and devices also adds clutter and takes up space that could be used in other areas that are more productive.

To be able to help you choose the best photo editing apps out there, we have here a couple of the best ones that you can use right away.

Below are two of our most preferred and top choices when it comes to photo editing and image enhancement.


If you prefer editing photos on your computer rather than your phones or mobile gadgets, this is the ideal application for you. The app was created by college students, thus, caters the most basic as well as advanced image enhancing features most college students need.

Mentored by Microsoft, the program was developed to be a free replacement for Microsoft Paint. Interestingly, Paint.Net surpassed Microsoft Paint in terms of advanced image enhancing features and functionality.

What’s great about the program is that it has a self-predicting user-interface that also supports layers and offers an unlimited undo tool. Going back to correct your mistakes would be so much easier with a function like this. The program is available for free and suits best as a desktop program for Windows. As an app, it is available via the Microsoft Store at $7.

Prisma Photo Editor

If you love adding artistic filters on your photos, the Prisma Photo Editor is the best one for you. It is among the most popular apps available in the market. With Prisma, even inexperienced students can create works of art using AI and algorithms that can mimic the works of professionals.

The app is perfect for students in art class who would like to add a flair or flavor to their works. They can easily transform their work in a number of artistic ways. Redrawing and painting images in a unique and different way is also possible with Prisma Photo Editor. Teachers can also use this app when sharing images publicly. They can easily distort and edit images for privacy without sacrificing its quality and aesthetics.

The free version of Prisma is available both on Android and iOS. Paid versions offer plenty of additional and advanced features for users.

There are a lot of other apps that work well for your photo editing needs. From basic enhancements like cropping, resizing, blemish removal and manual fixing for colors to advanced customization, there are quite plenty of free and affordable photo editing apps available for you. A good photo editor is perfect for teachers and students, especially the ones who do a lot of digital work.

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