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Best Outdoor Activities For You And Your College Buddies

The outdoors is one massive destination to explore. As restrictions in different states start to go down, it is time to get in touch with nature. However, you might want to be more creative and cautious with the outdoor activities you and your buddies can enjoy post-pandemic. Even with physical distancing in consideration, there are still tons of fun things to do with friends and loved ones outdoors.

Enjoy the fresh air and bask in some sunshine once again as you try out these recommended outdoor activities together with your friends. Make memories while you are young! 

7 Outdoor Adventures for College Students


Hiking is among the favorite past-time or weekend adventures most college students enjoy with friends. It is a perfect opportunity to stay away from the crowded streets of the metro while reconnecting with college buddies. The good thing about this outdoor adventure is that you can enjoy some nature and sun with fewer risks and worries. You can incorporate camping and fishing in your hiking trip, making it a complete outdoor adventure for everyone.


Another outdoor activity you can explore with your college buddies is tennis. Although there are some perceptions that tennis is somehow an elite sport, it is an opportunity to get out of the sun to break some sweat after being indoors for a long time. Enjoy the nice weather and start early with your business as you tone your arms and build your tan, perfect for your next outdoor adventure.


The best way to get those ribbed arms and abs for the summer is surfing. It is a heart-pumping outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Don’t know how to surf? Well, this is the perfect time to learn how to. Catch the waves, experience the thrill of getting wiped out, or celebrate as you conquer your first perfect wave. Do it with friends to add more memories and fun to this outdoor experience.

Horseback Riding

Riding a horse for the first time is a one-of-a-kind experience you can share with friends. Set a weekend on your local ranch or equestrian center to learn how to ride a horse. Being with horses can be quite relaxing too. These massive and beautiful beasts offer a certain appeal to almost anyone. Enjoyed your first riding experience? Go further and consider getting riding lessons. Some riding schools offer free or discounted lessons, especially for small groups like the ones you have with your college buddies.


Had too much sun? Invite your friends to go camping or simply spread a blanket on the ground or a rooftop to watch the sky and the stars.  It is one of the most affordable outdoor activities you can enjoy with friends. Grab a constellation chart and challenge each other to spot shapes and figures in the sky. Stargazing is also a perfect stress-reliever after college exams or after concluding a semester. It’s a more peaceful activity where you can still connect and be with your friends.

Outdoor Workouts

Stuck on campus and nowhere to go? Why not host an outdoor workout session with friends. It is a perfect way to stay busy, fit, and entertained even without spending a cent. Encourage friends to start a workout community on campus where other students can safely surround themselves with fellow health buffs looking for some fun and companionship while staying fit and healthy. Get creative and explore different outdoor workout ideas like Yoga, Taichi, Calisthenics, or Zumba. 


Conquer the streets of the rural areas and enjoy the sights of the countryside with your buddies via a weekend of biking. It is a perfect opportunity to work those leg muscles, reconnecting with the beauty of nature and bonding friends. It is also a perfect opportunity to explore local destinations and areas. You’ll be surprised at the views that you have been missing out on after being indoors for so long.

To add fun to your outdoor adventure, you can even make this activity a bucket list to tick off together with your buddies. Go all out and enjoy all seven as you reconnect and bond with your favorite people and loved ones.

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