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Best (Or Worst) Excuses College Students Make

At least once in your college life, you have made an excuse, whether it is for failing to submit on deadline or missing class. Admit it or not, you know you are guilty of it. 

When it comes to making an excuse, college students are the best, or possibly the worst, to produce creative reasons. 

It is not the typical “my dog ate my homework” kind of thing. However, you might be surprised with some of the examples. Here are some of the best excuses college students make. 

Third Time’s A Charm

There was a student who told her professor that her mom died during her first exam. On the second exam, she said that she had been in a car accident, so she would not make it. On the third test, she told her professor that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. Hence, the difficulty of concentrating.  Well, you may have thought what a coincidence that bad things happen on the day of her exams; it turns out everything is indeed true. We don’t know if fate is on her side or she was simply unlucky.

Back From The Dead

It may be hard to believe, but a college professor told a story about her student’s excuse for coming in late for class; she died. It turns out that the student has a congenital heart defect which caused her to be rushed into the hospital the night before, where she was then revived. Unbelievably she still went to class the day after, only that she was late. Now that is a real dedication. 

Letter From The Kids

Usually, professors receive an excuse letter from the parents explaining why their children are late for class. But this story is just the exact opposite. There was a student who came in late and had a note from her kids. It explains that they were hungry and asked her to cook the food first. Kudos to the mom for prioritizing her kids first.

Mental Note To Self, Do Not Eat Cake In The Bathroom

We’ve heard tons of excuses students make, and some of them are just outright hilarious.  One story goes that a student was late for a video meeting, and the excuse? 

He was eating a cake in the shower when it fell and clogged the drain. It then started flooding, reaching the kitchen down below. The story is quite hard to believe as for one, who would eat a cake in the shower and two, how a cake would clog a drain? But the only reason why this story was true is that during the video meeting, the professor can still hear the mom shouting about the cake in the background.

Living On A Different Time Zone

The professor always wondered how come a student always submits her homework one hour late. When asked, her excuse was, she didn’t know what time zone they lived in. Thus, the late submission. Oh, did we mention that she was a local resident?

Bailing Out Of Jail

Often college students get into trouble that their parents or guardians have to save them from a sticky situation. But this student’s excuse for failing to submit his essay on time was different. His excuse is that he had to bail his grandparent out of jail. Well, we think grandpa would be grounded for quite some time after that.

There Is A “Cat” On Their Porch

A student called their professor, stating that she could not get to class since she can’t come out of her house. The reason, a mountain lion, is sitting on her porch. Now the student is based in Colorado, so these things do happen. It’s not everywhere where you can tell your professor that there is a big “cat” on your porch.

You can create a book simply by listing down all the excuses every college student makes to get out of trouble. Professors are human as well, and often they give a chance to their students as long as they have an acceptable excuse.

Now, if you are going to make one, make sure that you tell the truth. No matter how absurd it may sound, as long as you are not lying about it, then your professor should be able to understand you and still give you credit.

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