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Best Online Games for University Students

Online games are fun and can be a source of entertainment, especially for university students loaded with school work. It is a good pastime and can be an educational experience at the same time. There are plenty of educational games to explore online that can help improve one’s brain function or to simply help students kill time.

Besides entertainment, playing online games on your computer or your mobile devices keeps the brain active and can help a student learn and accomplish more. Some studies suggest that exam scores are highly improved when the brain is stimulated before an examination. A 5-minute to 10-minute break consumed in online gaming can be quite beneficial for students. It can help keep them stay alert, especially with today’s online education setup.

Here is a shortlist of entertaining and brain-enhancing online games and activities you might want to download on your mobile devices today.


Minecraft is not just an interactive online game, but a creative and collaborative game suited for all ages. Although it may seem to be sensationalized in most YouTube videos, it offers a wide variety of learning for its users. It promotes problem-solving, understanding life skills, reading, and a lot of entertainment value.

One of the game’s unique features is the capability to create anything you can imagine through the use of the blocks that are vital elements of the game. Users can recreate cities or design a structure of their liking during game play. Meanwhile, the game’s survival mode allows users to stimulate their problem-solving skills as they try to stay alive while being exposed to different environments that will require them to do different life skills to survive. Minecraft can be enjoyed both on PC and mobile and can be enjoyed between classes or as you relax after taking a difficult exam.

Crazy Plant Shop

If you love plants or enjoy learning about them, the Crazy Plant Shop online game is for you. It is an all-around application that helps you learn about plants, discover their trains, and potentially help young entrepreneurs start with their plant business.

Also known as a game for green thumbs, Crazy Plant Shop is an online game that helps students understand complex topics on genotypes, plant genetics and DNA and phenotypes. If you love Botany or if it is included in one of your major subjects, this game would be a comprehensive educational material to consider. You’ll be informed about the different plant breeds, their recessive and dominant traits, genetic combinations, and will provide an informative insight on how to breed plants.

Among Us

Among Us is another popular online game enjoyed by the young and old. Although it is not entirely an “educational game”, it is an entertaining game that can help in several situations in the classroom or outside. Some students are even using Among Us as a motivational tool to encourage students to turn in their work faster or as ice breakers during class.

Among Us helps students stimulate their thinking skills in identifying which character is the imposter. The psychological elements of the game helps students work with others to do tasks while doing critical thinking to be able to identify the imposter in the game. If you happen to play as the impostor, you will have to devise techniques that will convince the rest of the gamers that you are “innocent.” This mind game is created around the idea of interaction, helping students open up to others and develop better relationships and skills while working with a team.

Memory Games

Memory games are popular recreational games you can enjoy anywhere, any time of the day. The concept is straightforward, but the benefits of regularly stimulating your brain to think and function will reap many benefits. Memory Test, Map Making, Flipped Out, Face Memory, Pattern Memory, and Match ‘Em are a few of the popular memory games you can check out online or via mobile applications.

Brain skills tend to wane with age. Regular engaging the brain to process at a high-speed helps improve short-term memory, decision-making, and response time. Doing so helps your brain stay in good shape, together with proper diet and exercise. Regularly playing brain games such as memory games helps reduce risks of dementia, improve your thinking skills while keeping you entertained during breaks or when you simply want to relax and let time pass leisurely.

Enjoy several online games that offer a variety of entertainment and brain stimulating activity for your brain while keeping up with the demands of a university student. Even with a busy schedule, you can still enjoy a few minutes of creative, mind-blowing, and educational experiences while playing online games.

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