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Best Netflix Series For College Students

Your life during college is one of the most colorful times you should take advantage of. As you prioritize your studies, you are also exposed to opportunities and experiences that can help you prepare for the next chapters of your life.

As you thread as a young adult in a demanding yet fun life inside campus, you should take inspiration and learn from mundane things that surround you – just like Netflix. As going to the movies becomes less of a habit for most students, you can simply sit back and enjoy a few inspirational movies and shows on Netflix.

If you start feeling alone, or lost in your life as a young adult, here are some relatable Netflix series you can check out for some fun and entertainment during your downtime.

Bad Education

Feeling down during classroom discussions or are you simply bored as you transition from studying at home to in-face classes? You can binge on Bad Education. This comedy series will keep you laughing in your seat. Become a part of Alfie Wicker’s life as a history teacher who happens to be a bigger kid than most of his students. Featuring three seasons, there’s a lot to laugh at, and sometimes cry about in the series.

Bad Neighbours

This is not a series but still a must watch and should be in the list.

Who can resist Zac Efron’s boy-next-door charm as he plays Teddy Sanders, the carefree guy who lives next door to the growing family of Mac and Kelly, played by Seth Rogers and Rose Bryne? Enjoy the comedic flair that comes together with the chaos and fun at fraternity parties.


This might be an oldie but is indeed a very relatable series to see. Watch as a group of ordinary people discover that they possess superpowers. Take for example the indestructible cheerleader who never dies or the mind reader just like Matt.

The feeling of being powerful yet still vulnerable is something any college student can relate to in the series. 

Sex Education

Do not get us wrong here, but sex education is not just relatable because of the steamy scenes and the naughtiness in the scenes. It really showcases one of the most common issues with young adults – acceptance.

College students either have the issues of self-acceptance or have troubles with accepting the people and circumstances that surround them. There are plenty of relatable ups and downs where you can learn a lesson or two from the series. The unorthodox love stories give the series a bit of kick too. 

Teen Wolf

Although the characters are mainly highschool students, this series revolves around teamwork, having a strong support system and camaraderie while dealing with the supernatural demands of being a teen wolf.

The series highlights best buddies Scott and Stiles who go through the common dilemma of highschool life – girls, fame, school work, and sports, all while defending the town from supernatural beings. Be your own Alpha or find a pack to watch this series right now.

The 100

After living for centuries in outer space, a group of 100 young teens goes back to Earth. They thought  they would die of radiation, only to discover that Earth is habitable once again.

A series about survival of the fittest, camaraderie and standing firm with your beliefs, there are plenty of moments you’ll find similar with your college life.

Are you going to go for love knowing you’ll hurt a friend?

Are you willing to choose family over a love interest?

How does it feel to be betrayed by a trusted friend?

There are plenty of personal issues and challenges highlighted in this show.

Watching Netflix is one of your best escapes from your stressful and tiring student life. It is also much more affordable compared to going out to see a movie. Whether on your phone or on your smart television, Netflix offers hours and hours of entertainment when you want to, when you need too.

Still confused on what series to see next? Netflix offers a very diverse selection of movies and series that will definitely satisfy your needs for entertainment and inspiration. You just have to go through the pages or check out reviews online on which series or movies fit your viewing demands.

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