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Best Natural Solutions To Combat Anxiety, Guide For College Students

Many college students suffer from anxiety. And if you are not doing anything about it, then it could affect your performance at school and even your personal relationships. While in severe cases, you need a professional to help you, there are natural ways to combat anxiety. Let this post help you with that.  

You Have To Stay Being Physically Active  

If you have an active lifestyle, then continue it. However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, it is a must that you find ways to flex your muscles. Why don’t you go out for a run? Or perhaps, use your university’s facilities to your advantage.  

We understand though that some people do not get motivated if they work out or exercise alone. In that case, you can join clubs so that you can be with other folks.  

Say Goodbye To Coffee For Now  

We know that drinking coffee can be a great way to start your morning. But if you are having anxiety attacks, then you might want to limit your coffee sessions. If you must know, it can increase your feeling of being nervous and can even cause you to panic.  

Research has it that those who avoided coffee improved their anxiety symptoms. 

Watch Your Diet  

Do you know that your diet could also affect your emotions? We recommend staying away from junk and processed foods. It is about time that you choose healthy options. We’ve written an article about owning an Instant Pot and this is ideal for students living in small spaces. That’s where you can cook healthy dishes such as vegetables and fish. 

Write Down What’s Bothering You  

One of the possible reasons why you are having anxiety attacks is that you have too much on your plate. Perhaps, you have too many tasks. What you can do is to write these down and see which ones you need to work on first. You would be surprised that these things are doable.   

Get A Massage  

You deserve to treat yourself. And a nice massage will do you good. This can definitely ease out your anxiety levels. If you can have a massage on a regular basis, then do so.  

Go Outside And Enjoy The Nature  

Nature can calm you down. If you do not have the time to hike, then maybe you can start getting indoor plants. Many people are into gardening or planting nowadays because it can help them improve their emotions. This is a nice hobby to start because it is generally inexpensive.  

Try To Use Essential Oils  

You’ve probably heard about essential oils and how it can calm down people. Some of the best ones are ylang-ylang, clary sage, lavender, or bergamot. While there are many options available online, you should be picky about your choices. Make sure that you get essential oils from a credible supplier. Otherwise, you would be using a fake one that doesn’t work and could be detrimental to your health.  

Learn How To Meditate  

Meditation can change your life. And this will not take a lot of time. What’s good with technology is that you have a lot of resources that could help you. For example, there are meditating apps that you can download. Or you can just watch a few videos on YouTube and get the ball rolling.   

Get Sleep And Stop Saying To Parties All The Time  

Going to parties can be great. You have to meet your friends, have a diversion and all those things. But if you are always going out, it can affect your sleeping habits. Now, if you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia is one of the common symptoms. Simply put, make sleeping a priority. 

Make sure not to use your phone before going to bed. Do not toss and turn yourself in bed. Instead, get up and walk to a different room until you are feeling sleepy. And if you can, buy a thick curtain that could block lights.

Try To Avoid Drinking Alcohol And Smoking  

While some people resort to alcohol to avoid anxiety, that shouldn’t be the case. What is does is a temporary or a band-aid solution. When the effect of the alcohol wears off, the feeling would be worse. So no matter how bad you feel, try to stay away from it.  

The same thing goes to smoking. If you can avoid or quit, do it as soon as you can.  

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