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Best Major/Minor Combinations When Attending Online School

Best Major/Minor Combinations When Attending Online School

No matter what type of degree you’re looking to obtain, it’s recommended that you pair it with a minor that’s related to your primary degree. You can earn a minor by getting at least four credits within the minor subject area. Once you obtain a degree, prospective employers will likely find your resume more appealing if your major is accompanied by a relevant minor. While there are a myriad of great major/minor combinations that you can choose when you attend online school, the following details three of the top combinations available to you.

Business and Psychology

Business degrees are likely the most popular among undergraduate students because of how important they are to prospective employers. Earning a business degree can provide you with a viable path to an array of distinct career opportunities. While business majors can be paired with any minor, you might want to consider psychology for the minor that you choose to focus on.

Everything from accounting and finance to purchasing and production systems falls under business, which gives you the ability to tailor your degree to the field that you’re interested in. No matter which area of business you choose to focus on, psychology as a minor can be highly beneficial at allowing you to understand more about your customers, business partners, and clients, which may give you the tools necessary to be more successful at business.

Marketing and Social Media Analytics

Marketing is among the most popular and highly sought after majors in the country, which is partially due to the starting salary of $60,000 for graduates. This career path may eventually lead to you becoming a marketing manager, which has an average salary of $144,000. The best thing about studying marketing is that businesses from all types of industries require marketing for their brand. Even though minors aren’t always necessary for obtaining a job with a marketing degree, they may help you gain an edge in a competitive job market.

While marketing majors can be paired with any number of different minors, among the more useful in today’s world is social media analytics. Currently, more than 70 percent of residents in the U.S. use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. When businesses want to bring customers to their website or business, marketing on social media is an effective way to appeal to all demographics. Obtaining a minor in social media analytics shows prospective employers that you understand how to measure marketing ROI, which is essential for crafting a successful marketing campaign. Marketing graduates who have a minor in social media analytics are currently in high demand.

Accounting and Computer Science

If you’re earning a business administration degree, a useful major is accounting, which will can help you start a career in such fields as market research analysis, financial analysis, budget analysis, auditing, and personal finance advising. You could also become a Certified Public Accountant with an accounting major. Pairing your accounting major with a minor of some sort can help bolster your future resume while also enhancing your application for grad school.

As with the other majors on this list, there are a variety of minors that pair well with accounting. Likely the best option is computer science. Current employers require nearly all accountants they hire to have some computer skills. When working as an accountant or in a similar field, you will likely be required to use several different types of accounting software, which can vary in complexity. If you start your career with extensive knowledge of computers and how they work, you shouldn’t need much training once you find the right job.

No matter what type of major you choose, it’s recommended that you pair it with a minor that is at least somewhat relevant to the major. By supplementing your major with a relevant minor, it should add more depth to the degree you eventually earn, which can only be beneficial when you’re searching for a job.

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