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Best Libraries Around The World, Include These In Your Bucket List

If you are an old soul, or if you wish to have a glimpse of history, we recommend that you visit some of the best libraries. Look no further for resources. We have listed it down for you. Include these in your bucket list and who knows if it will be your next destination.  

You see, the law of attraction works. So, if you visualize that you are in a dreamy library, it will happen.  

Bodleian Library in Oxford, United Kingdom  

This was established in 1602 as the university’s library. This is also considered one of the oldest libraries in Europe so it deserves a spot on this list. You can find more than 11 million items here, many hold historical value.  

It has multiple buildings but you should never miss out the Radcliffe Camera. Many movies have featured this structure, proof that it is jaw-dropping.  

Library of Congress in Washington D.C., USA  

This is the country’s national library and also the oldest federal cultural institution. You will be amazed by the large collection of books you can find here. Well, unfortunately, you might not be able to check out the books unless you are part of Congress and other specified members of the government. You can, however, do on-site research.  

Just imagine being surrounded by 32 million books, 61 million manuscripts, and a whole lot more. It’s definitely going to be a surreal experience. 

Reading Room – British Museum in London, England  

Did you know that this structure has a unique interior made of a special type of papier-mache? Now, that alone should make you want to visit here. This place is also known to house temporary exhibitions. If you are lucky enough, then maybe you can also attend these.  

Vatican Library in Vatican City, Rome  

There are so many places you can visit in Rome, but we encourage you to include the Vatican Library on your list. This is known as one of the oldest in the world, and just imagine the stories and other amazing things you can find here. Of course, the library has the oldest manuscript of the Bible. It doesn’t matter if you are a Catholic or not. That fact alone is already interesting.   

Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA  

This was the first publicly supported library in the USA. You can also find amazing murals here. It would be nearly impossible to check out what this library has to offer in just one day. And we suggest that you visit it again and again whenever possible.  

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Toronto, Canada  

If you are going to Canada, make sure to visit the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. And yes, they are true to their name for having several rare books. You can even find a Babylonian cuneiform tablet dating to 1789 BC. Now, that’s what you call impressive.  

So, are you ready to save tons of cash and visit some of the best libraries around the globe? Make sure to bookmark this page.   

Meanwhile, let’s now talk about your behavior when you visit the library. Most are already obvious. But unfortunately, others are not following it. So, it’s always good to provide our readers with reminders.  

Check Out The Rules  

More often than not, libraries will always have their rules and regulations posted. Make sure that you read those first. 

Do Not Make Unnecessary Noise  

This doesn’t mean you can’t talk! But please, make sure that if you are to create a sound, keep it at a minimum. You also have to turn off your phones or put it in silent mode.  

Stop Being Intimate  

We understand that the library can be romantic, but being intimate with your partner here is a big no. After all, we are talking about public libraries. And you should be able to respect that.  

Show Respect To The Staff  

And speaking of respect, show it to all the staff of the library. Remember that these people are highly passionate about what they do. A high level of respect is the least they deserve.  

Don’t Touch Items Unless You Are Allowed To  

We know that it can be tempting to touch items because they are just so beautiful. But please control yourself.  

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