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Best Jobs For An Introvert Person 

Let us understand this type of personality first. 

The concept of introversion is introduced by a Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. According to Dr. Jung, introversion is an “attitude -type characterized by orientation in life through subjective psychic contents.” In layman’s term, it is a personality wherein a person prefers to be by themselves. Now, if this is the case, what job can an introverted person do?

Famous Introvert Personalities

Are you familiar with Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, and Abraham Lincoln? What do you think these people have in common besides being a popular figure in society.  All of them are introverts. So this proves that even introverts can be successful in life.

It is a common notion that introverts are shy people and tend to keep everything all to themselves. But what most of us don’t realize is that they also have excellent social skills and have the ability to create strong relationships. 

It’s not that they don’t want to interact, but rather they prefer spending their time and energy for themselves. Having said that, we could say that when it comes to work, introverts are just like any other person. They, too, can adjust to whatever working environment they have. However, there are jobs that are more appropriate for people who prefer working on their own. Here are some jobs that are best for an introverted person.


Even though architects need to interact with their clients to determine the building design they want, most of the time, they are just alone creating the plan. As an architect, you need to have good problem-solving skills. You also need to be creative and should be able to focus on the task assigned. 


Accountants don’t usually require any social interaction skills as the job is more focused on dealing with numbers. This is perfect for introverts as this is one of the jobs that you don’t have to deal with other people face-to-face. However, good mathematical skills and understanding of tax laws are required for this profession.


Editors are the bridge between the writer and readers. They are responsible for analyzing the quality of the article. Therefore, they need to check if everything is grammatically correct and clear. This job is usually done alone to maintain focus, as a keen attention to detail is a must for this job.

Graphic Designers and Artists

This is perfect for introverts because it does not require the person to work with other people to accomplish the task. But of course, you still need to communicate with your clients regarding the design brief. 

But in essence, creativity is what matters the most. There are artists who prefer working around a crowd, but it is more often to see artists working on their own and independently.


Yes, engineers do work as a team, so why do introverts fit in this job? As an engineer, you deal with various mathematical and scientific equations to find a solution to a given problem.  Since introverts prefer exerting their energy on a task given rather than use it for their social skill, this is the job that fits them best. There is a wide engineering field available, ranging from Aerospace to Petroleum engineering. 


What better place to spend time alone than in a library, right? 

It is a tranquil place and the only time a person needs to interact with another is when they are trying to find a book. According to a study, two-thirds of the librarians who participated in the Myers-Briggs personality tests are introverts. This isn’t surprising at all. 

IT Specialist

An IT job does not require a person to have an outgoing personality. What they do need is the ability to work well with computers and its programs. With today’s generation being exposed to the digital age, it comes as no surprise that IT jobs would grow in the upcoming years. 

Technical Writers

These are the people who create instruction manuals and technical write-ups that you usually see when you first purchased a gadget or an appliance. A good technical writer could translate complex information into something an ordinary person can easily understand. Usually, the task is done independently.

Just because introverts prefer working alone does not mean they can’t do any jobs with social interaction involved. They can certainly handle that as well. It’s just that the jobs listed above are those that can be done independently. This makes the job easier for introverts to adjust. But at the end of the day, find a job that you are passionate about. Whatever it may be, what is important is that you are enjoying what you are doing.

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