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Best Inspirational Books For Engineering Students

If you are an Engineering student or aspiring to become one, then try reading these inspiring books. They would help you become better Engineers and make you realize the importance of your craft to humanity.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

If you do not know who Steve Jobs is, then it is time for you to get out of that rock of yours. It tells the life of one of the most important CEO ever to live in the modern world. Jobs have changed the way our lives function by introducing gadgets that allows us to do multiple things in the palm of our hands. It lets you in the life of Steve Jobs and shows you his journey towards achieving his success.

Introduction To Flight By John D. Amazon

If you want to understand aeronautical and aerospace engineering principles, this book by John D. Anderson is a must-read. It explains everything you need to know about this industry in a way that an average person can understand.

 It deals with the biography and history along with various engineering concepts that helped develop modern-day aircraft. The book also taps on what is considered the future of aviation, which is unmanned air vehicles and uninhabited combat aerial vehicles.

The Four Hour Chef By Timothy Ferriss

You might wonder why a cookbook title is part of the list. But you will be surprised once you start reading it. It shows you the engineering world from a different angle. It helps elevate your learning capability by revolving around the “4-Hour” theme of self-actualization, self-improvement, and skill development in a manner you would not expect.

The War Of Art: Break Through The Blocks And Win Your Inner Creative Battles By Steven Pressfield

Do you feel that you suddenly have that mental block and everything seems to be a miss? This book allows you to clear that roadblock to create an innovative design which is usually the demand in the field of engineering. It teaches you to view things differently and see the world from a whole different perspective.

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down By J.E Gordon

You know it is a good book when Elon Musk considers it as one of his favorites. The book talks about the details of what makes different structures stable. It is a no-frills, straight-to-the-point book that answers some of the mind-boggling questions most engineers have. 

What makes the book interesting is the way the author wittingly and meaningfully wrote it. As an Engineer, you will learn a lot from reading this book.

Engineer To Win By Caroll Smith

It is written by a Formula one legendary racer, Caroll Smith. The book talks about the art of building the fastest car in the world. It shows how engineering has shaped the way these cars are made. If you are into motorsport racing and an engineer, this book would be something you should have. 

The Design Of Everyday Things By Don Norman

Donald Norman is a Cognitive Scientist and Usability Engineer by profession. His book talks about how a design serves to communicate between a nonliving thing and the user. It shows tips on how to use objects properly for you to use them more effectively. It is an eye-opener, especially when you discover that you have been doing things wrong all this time.

Introduction To Algorithm 

Algorithms are a computer engineer’s best friend, and this book is all about it. It talks about its fundamentals and gives you a deeper understanding of how Algorithms work. The book is written so that it can be easily understood by everyone, which makes it fun and appealing to readers.

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

This book is not specifically for Engineers but is also applicable to anyone who wants to master their craft. It discusses tips on how you can make a difference in your life to become more effective.

 What is good about this book is that it is simple and easy to follow. It lays down a challenge that will help you understand your basic knowledge. It teaches you how to master the basics in order for you to take on more advanced skills easily.

There are tons of other titles that you can read to help inspire you to become one of the best engineers in our world. Engineers are essential to society as they are the backbone that helps build our nation and make our world a comfortable place to live in.

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