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Best Hygiene Tips When Studying In College

Practicing good hygiene is always good. It doesn’t matter if you are in pre-school or attending an Ivy League University. For college students specifically, how can you practice such?  Let’s cut the chase and go straight to the tips.  

Hand Hygiene  

This is important now more than ever. With the pandemic still haunting the world, washing your hands should be a top priority. You might be washing your hands, but the question is, are you doing it properly?  

Make sure that you scrub all the surfaces of your hands. Do this for at least 20 seconds. And since we understand that a timer might not be available all the time, you can just sing the alphabet really slow while doing it. You must dry your hands using an air dryer and paper towels. When in public, use the paper towels to clean the faucet. 

If you cannot wash your hands, just make sure you have an alcohol or sanitizer with you. Now, we understand that there are many brands available in the market. To narrow down the options, we’ve chosen a few that might suit you well.  

Healing Solutions Hand Sanitizer Gel  

This is made with 75% ethyl alcohol, which makes it effective in killing bacteria and germs. What’s good is that it doesn’t have a strong alcohol smell and ideal even if you use it in public. Also, this won’t dry your hands unlike other brands. And lastly, it’s compact and you can bring it anywhere you go.  

Noshinku Pocket Hand Sanitizer  

If you want something that has a citrusy, woody, and herbaceous smell. This has got to be the perfect product. And with its sleek design It’s made with 100% organic ingredients, perfect for those who are particular in using such products.  

Here are a few hygiene tips which you must follow religiously.  

  • You must never share unwashed clothes and towels.  
  • You should change your socks and underwear. 
  • Shower every day.  
  • If you have abrasions, make sure to clean it regularly 
  • You should never let anyone use your personal hygiene items such as soaps, razors, and deodorant.  

What To Do When You Got Sick 

Even if you practice good hygiene or you take care of yourself with the right food and exercise, it is still possible to get sick. If you are far away from home, we know that it can be pretty tough. So, we recommend that you follow these tips.  

Cancel All Your Engagements  

We know that you still have a lot of obligations right now. Apart from your reports, perhaps you have a weekly meeting in your club, and other social responsibilities. But these things can wait. Skip these first and rest. Your body needs it.  


You must also keep yourself hydrated. Water is always good. But if you can have a Gatorade be delivered, that would be cool. This could replenish your electrolytes, and this will help you recover fast.  

Don’t Forget To Email Your Professors 

If you still can, you must send a quick email to your professors that you are going to miss a class. That way, they won’t have an impression that you are an irresponsible student just skipping school. You might need to secure a doctor’s note as proof that you are indeed sick.  

Do A Bit Of Work  

We are not saying that you have to work out or anything intensive. But while in bed, you can still be productive. You can do a bit of reading, answer a few emails, or even meditate. Of course, when you feel like resting, then go ahead. As always, listen to your body.  

Get Help  

You don’t have to be alone. Talking to someone can also make you feel better. How about calling your family and friends? 

Just in case you are studying miles away from home, hearing the voices of the people you love can do massive things to your mental health.  

Isolate Yourself  

In case you have a roommate, you might want to suggest that they stay in a different room. Otherwise, they might get sick as well. And while you are getting better, continue practicing good hygiene.  

The bottom line is, you should rest. What’s a day or two of not doing your tasks. If you want, you can write a list of what you need to accomplish so you can condition yourself once you get better.  

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