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Best Hobbies To Try Out, College Guide

When you are studying at university, you shouldn’t limit yourself to studying for your exams or working on your reports. You must create balance and do things outside of the academe. That way, you will be able to avoid getting burnt out.

If you are having a hard time thinking about a new hobby, this list could certainly help you. If possible, look for clubs within your campus. If it isn’t available, then you can build one or look online and see which clubs are nearest to your location.

So, let’s begin with our list.


If you think you not creative enough to try out painting, you are wrong. Just get a paintbrush, a piece of paper, some paints, and you are good to go. But of course, there are certain techniques that can help you along the way. These are all available online. Who knows if you can create a masterpiece that can be sold for a fortune? You’d never know if it can even cover your entire college expenses.


For some, you might think it’s boring. But come to think it, it’s an amazing hobby that tests your patience and creativity. Plus, the materials you need are not expensive so you can just buy them right away. Another advantage of learning embroidery is that you can personalize gifts to your loved ones. And that’s something not too common nowadays.

Candle Making

In today’s age, many people are just too stressed. And lighting a candle can drastically improve one’s mood. Try to learn this hobby and make it your present to your loved ones or even your friends on campus. You can even personalize the label, add quotes, or provide words of encouragement. For sure, they will appreciate it.

Sewing Clothes

If you always want to wear unique clothes, then don’t go to retail stores. But instead, create your entire wardrobe. You can learn how to sew by watching YouTube videos. And while machines are quite expensive, not buying new clothes every time can save you tons of cash. So, think of it as an investment.

Jewelry Making

During your free time, you can also create cute jewelry that can amplify your every day look. Most of the time, the items used for jewelry making aren’t expensive. Try to make simple bracelets and as you get the hang of it, you can make intricate designs too.


If you want to be more active and at the same time, be with nature, then you can try hiking. Just get your outdoor clothes, buy your shoes, and you are all set. It would also help if you have a smartwatch and a GPS tracker. Ask some of your friends if they are interested too. At least it’s far more different than spending the weekend just lounging and eating junk food.


It doesn’t matter what type of dance you want to learn as long as you want to move your feet. Hip hop can be cool for younger people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to dance a sultry salsa. The choice is yours. The good thing about dancing is that you move your body, and you also exercise your brain to memorize steps.


Basketball is good because it allows you to work as a team. Plus, it’s not just about shooting hoops. You also learn how to strategize and to read your opponent’s move. And yes, ladies and gents could play this.


Swimming is also good too. It’s not expensive and you can probably use your school’s facility for it. If not, local community centers are often available. It should improve your health in drastic ways.


For those who are stressed and would like a relaxing type of hobby, then you might want to consider yoga. While there are many videos available online, we recommend that you work with a professional. It might look easy, but it isn’t. Plus, if you don’t do it right, you might face serious injuries.

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