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Best Graduation Gifts for Future Accountants

From analysis to preparation of financial reports, accountants may be considered as one of the most laborious jobs in the world. Let us face it, they have one of the most static jobs on the planet, too. So to keep their groove on (especially during tax season), let us show them some love by giving them something fun for their graduation.

One of the best ways to show them your appreciation for their hard work is through gifts. We know it is not easy to find the perfect gift for these number-crunching warriors. Relax, we got your back. Below are some ideas for the best graduation gifts for future accountants.

Fidget Toys

If anyone needs de-stressing, these little toys are always ready to help. With a lot of design options, you will never go wrong with this graduation gift idea.

USB Numeric Keypad

When choosing the best graduation gift, let us not forget the essentials. Since not all laptops or keyboards have full-size numeric keypads, you might as well gift your future accountants with this. Very helpful for accurate and quick data entry. They will surely love you more for this.

Chair Cushion

What can you give someone who mostly just sits all day long? Yes, an awesome chair cushion! 

Imagine how uncomfortable they can get sitting for long hours. For sure, a chair or back cushion can provide them the comfort they are craving for. If you have a lot of love to give to your future accountant, you may also consider investing in a super comfortable office chair for them.

Kooky Calculator

Yes, they already have calculators for sure. But no one is stopping you from giving them an extra. Kooky calculators serve the purpose and can add some fun to their work tables. A chocolate bar calculator or even a transparent one – many weird and cool designs are available online. For sure, you will find something that will match your future accountant’s personality.


Analyzing numbers all day, every day can be boring. Headphones can help them get their energies back on with a little music to lighten up the mood or to somehow relax their mind. 

Make sure to get those headphones with noise-cancelling features so if they need utmost focus and concentration, they can instantly block out unnecessary noise from their workspace.

Wall Arts

If your future accountant will work in an office or even at home, we do not want them staring at a blank wall. Wall arts can be a great graduation gift for them. Whether it is a soothing image or a personalized message, these wall arts can surely remind them how special and appreciated they are. 

Are you having a hard time choosing the right wall art design? Some humor can get them smiling or laughing while number crunching. You can also find out what their hobbies are and use it for something more personalized.

A Great Thermos

Why a great thermos, you say? Of course, to keep their coffee hot. 

Accountants, even future accountants do not always have the luxury of time to enjoy their coffee while it is hot, so let us help them on this one. Because thermos are versatile like that, even non-coffee drinkers can still enjoy them. Personalize the thermos with their nicknames or some accounting puns for a more unique touch.

Music Subscription

This goes best with the headphones gift. For a job that is tedious and static at the same time, your future accountant will appreciate a music subscription gift from you. Help them relax, especially during tax season. For sure, they have a ready playlist in mind to keep them pumped up, depending on the workload they have for the day.

Personalized T-Shirt

Nobody said you cannot be stylish and an accountant at the same time. So might as well give these future accountants a helping hand to keep them in fashion while obsessing with the numbers.

You can play with whatever design or message you want for the shirt. Feel free to give them a shirt saying “I survived tax season.” or something simple like “My heart belongs to an accountant.” It can surely make them smile.

Gifts are meant to be a reminder of how much we appreciate, love, and support them. Always remember that it is the thought that counts. Whatever graduation gift you choose for your future accountant, they will surely appreciate the gesture.

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