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Best Gift Ideas for College Students

If you are planning to give gifts to a college student, of course, you would want something that they will genuinely appreciate. But what are these things that are truly relevant and useful these days? Well, look no further because we have a quick list that can help you. That way, you can just order one right now and make someone happy.   

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes   

One of the few things that a college student must have is a pair of extremely comfortable shoes. After all, they are bound to walk for long periods of time, most especially if they have a big campus. Also, make sure to get them a pair that is versatile enough. Look for a brand that they can use for working out, and at the same time can match their casual school outfit.   

Reusable Straws   

We’re happy that many people are now cautious with their actions and are looking for ways to help the environment. Do your part by sharing this advocacy by giving college students their own reusable straws. We all know that they are fond of drinking their cold drinks, and having a reusable straw can essentially decrease the volume of trash. These little steps, when added up together, can make a big change.   

Passport Cover  

Encourage a college student to explore and be more adventurous by giving them a passport cover. Or if you can get a luggage tag together with it, then that’s better. You see, the usual age for studying college is old enough to travel alone. You shouldn’t confine yourself to learn inside the university. It is a must that you expose yourself and be more open to ideas. And this is where traveling to different countries play a huge role.   

Board Games   

Nobody is too old for classic board games. Give this to a college student, and they will surely appreciate it. How about Scrabble or Clue? These board games could kill their time, yet they would enjoy and improve their mental abilities all at the same time.   

Professional Backpack   

We recommend getting a great backpack perfect not just for college students, but also for the working class. These are the type of backpacks where you can place your gadgets like laptop and tablet. And at the same time, it will stay safe and secure. We also recommend the water-resistant type for added protection.   

Self-Help Books   

In college, we usually read books particular to our courses. But once in a while, we have to take a break. We love self-help books because it gives you a different perspective. Plus, since university books tend to improve your technical know-how, these self-help books take a different approach. Most of the time, it will teach you interpersonal skills or how to discover yourself. These things aren’t discussed in the usual books you’d read in college.   

A Nice Professional Blazer  

When you are applying for an internship or have a job interview, it’s always nice to have a quality blazer that gives you that professional look. But of course, we understand that college students usually have a tight budget for this. In that case, help them secure a great job in the future by giving them a quality blazer that can last for years.   

Hydro Flask    

Having your own hydro flask is eco-friendly. But apart from that, it can keep your cold drinks cold for a day, and hot beverages hot for 12 hours. So if they plan to stay in the library to study for long hours, then this should keep them hydrated.   

Quality Pillow   

You probably think that pillows shouldn’t be on this list, but we beg to differ. College life can be extremely exhausting, and we know that you would agree on this. We all need to rest, and a quality pillow can guarantee that. That’s what we need after a long day of memorizing concepts and writing reports.   

Instant Coffee Maker   

And lastly, how about giving them their instant coffee maker to keep them energized most especially during the examination week? It’s something they can use for years and is a great investment.   

There are hundreds of gift ideas to choose from. But what matters most is that you think of a gift that suits their lifestyle. You wouldn’t want your gift to be a dust-collector, would you? 

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