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Best Gadgets College Students Can Get This 2022

Best Gadgets College Students Can Get This 2022 

Whether we like it or not, gadgets are now essential for college students. This 2022, are you aware of the devices you need for your studies?   

We are not saying that you have to buy the most expensive ones. After all, we also understand that most college students are on a tight budget. So before you choose your gadget, do your due diligence, read reviews and get the ones that will not leave you broke.  

Best Devices For University Students  

Take a look at our top picks.  

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook  

You see, while students nowadays are fond of typing their lessons, experts still believe that manually writing it down is more effective. That is, if you want to retain information better. Now, why not have a smart reusable notebook that you can bring everywhere? You can write down your notes as if it’s on real paper and then save it on your drive so you can access it wherever you go. 

External Hard Drive 

Some of you might think that this is unnecessary, especially that you can save your files on the cloud. However, it’s not bad to have additional backups. That’s where an external hard drive could help. Plus, it makes it easier to finish your project whenever you are offline. Get the ones with a lot of storage space so you can download movies, perfect if you want to chill on the weekend.   

Anti-Theft Laptop Bag  

The sad reality is, there are a lot of thieves even in dormitories or universities. Make sure that you keep your valuables safe by using an anti-theft laptop bag. But there is more to love about this gadget. Apart from securing your things, there’s also a USB charging port. This is important, especially if you always charge your gadgets for school.  

Noise Cancelling Headphones  

Just in case you are staying in a dormitory or using public transportation to school, you might want to get noise cancelling headphones. You would appreciate its features whenever you want to focus on your studies, sleep well or meditate even in public places.   

Bluetooth Speaker  

College is supposed to be fun. And if you want to play music while spending time with your friends at the university grounds, having a Bluetooth speaker will come in handy. You can also use it whenever you plan to have a movie night.   

Activity Tracker Or Fitness Band  

We always highlight that your studies should be your priority as a college student. But this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your health. In fact, we highly encourage that you stay active. Obviously, it will make you healthier, allowing you to accomplish more things.  

To track your activities, you can just wear a fitness band and connect it to your smartphone.  

WiFi Range Extender  

This is beneficial if you are studying online and you want a stable connection all over your home. It’s a wise and cheap investment that you must consider. Choose one that is reliable and could handle different gadgets simultaneously.   

Laptop Tray With Fans  

Most college students are using laptops, and these gadgets work overtime. To prolong its life, you can always use a fan, so it will not heat up. There are a lot of affordable ones online but be careful. Some of them are almost disposable and you are just wasting money. Don’t forget to read reviews and pick the best type of laptop trays.   

Reading Lamps  

Yes, we also included reading lamps in the list, even if it isn’t modern enough for college students today. Having such a thing in your dormitory is beneficial not just for studying. If you are staying with another student in your room, having this type of lamp gives more subtle lighting, perfect if one of you is already sleeping.   

Should You Buy Secondhand Gadgets?  

This is a question we often hear from college students. Again, we understand the financial concerns, and we find this question valid.   

There is nothing wrong with buying secondhand gadgets. But you have to be extremely careful and you also need to manage your expectations. For example, you can’t expect a perfectly looking phone or laptop if these are used. However, what you should be after is its performance.  

“Can it still handle your schoolwork (or sometimes real work)?  

Will it still last for several months?  

If you answered no, it might be best to just get brand new. There are a lot of companies offering deferred or installment plans. Assess if you can manage your bills if you get those instead.   


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