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Best Foods Before Your Interview, College Guide

Best Foods Before Your Interview, College Guide

If you are a about to go to your interview, make sure that you eat first. This should help you become more focused and attentive. Thereby, answering questions efficiently. But the question now is, what are the best foods you can eat before your interview?  

Should you eat a heavy meal? Or do you have to trim down your usual foods?  

Let this post help you so you can increase the chances of nailing that interview, whether for an internship or a real job.  

Eat These Foods Weeks Before Your Interview  

Foods High in B Vitamins  

If you want to be filled with energy during your interview, we highly recommend choosing foods high in B Vitamins. Apart from the right amount of energy, you will be able to manage insomnia, and even combat low self-esteem. And as we all know, having quality sleep and having confidence can help you nail the job. How about eating some peas and spinach?  

Foods High in Omega 3  

When you eat foods high in Omega 3, it could build brain cell membranes that can promote new cell formulation. Having said that, these foods can make you smarter! You can prepare hearty meals from eggs, kale, or even salmon.  

Whole Grains  

When you eat whole grains, it will slowly release glucose to your bloodstream. If this happens, you will become more alert and you will be able to concentrate better. It’s about time that you switch your pancakes to healthier options such as brown pasta and brown cereals.  


This might seem like a good news for coffee lovers.  

As we all know, coffee can make you less tired and could boost your alertness. However, make sure that you drink in moderation. Too much of it can make you look agitated and out of control.  

What Not To Eat On The Day Of Your Interview  

Since we already provided the list of what to eat, it’s also fitting that we add the foods you have to avoid.  

Of course, we already mentioned not to drink too much coffee for obvious reasons. Apart from that, we discourage you to have a high-carb meal as it could make you feel sleepy. You wouldn’t want to yawn while your interviewer is asking you questions, would you?  

Aside from the above, you must also avoid foods that have overpowering smell. Try to stay away from garlic and onion a day before your scheduled interview. This could cause bad breath, and just so you know, it can be excreted from your sweat glands as well.  

While water is important, make sure you don’t drink too much before your interview. Otherwise, you will be excusing yourself every after five minutes.  

Let’s summarize the food that you need to eat to ace your interview.  

  • Lean protein  
  • Coffee  
  • Greens  
  • Blueberries  
  • Almonds  

Meanwhile, avoid these foods.  

  • Onions  
  • Sodas  
  • Dairy products  
  • Sugar-free packaged foods  
  • Alcohol  

A quick search over the internet will give you a long list of amazing healthy recipes you can easily do every day. Make it a habit to prepare the right foods weeks before your interview. Before you know it, you are already used to such meals. Take note that it isn’t just for your job interview but for your holistic health as well.  

Other Tips Before Your Job Interview  

We also want to provide you additional tips so you can pass your interview with ease. For one, make sure that you practice. Have a trusted friend to ask you common interview questions. From there, you can create a spiel which you can confidently speak about during the interview proper. You can even ask them to give unusual questions so you will be prepared.  

Don’t forget your wardrobe. While we don’t encourage you to buy expensive clothes, we want you to invest on quality ones that you can re-wear every time. Plain and neutral ones should do you good. You can even find these in Target or in Walmart.  

In addition, study the company where you are about to have an interview. That’s going to be a plus point for you. Use the information while having a conversation and impress your interviewer.  

To ace your interview, it’s not just about looking smart. It’s about preparation and of course, a good food that will help you perform well.  

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