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Best Finance App For College Students

Best Finance App for College Students  

As a university student, there are a lot of challenges that will come to you. Think about your pending reports, long exams, and yes, your finances. If you must know, a lot of students are having troubles with their money as studying in college is not exactly cheap. You have your tuition fee to pay, your dorm, your food, the books, and other personal items that you need month after month.   

Quite frankly, it can be tempting to go on shopping. More often than not, we tell ourselves that we deserve a retail therapy. That’s good if you can afford it. Otherwise, you would be in serious debt.   

In this post, we will share with you the best finance app ideal for college students. You might want to download one of these and manage your money better.   


First on our list is Pocketguard. This app is highly recommended and has been featured in different media outlets. It was featured in NBC News, Forbes, TIME, and The Simple Dollar to name a few. Having said that, you are sure that this app will deliver.   

With this, you will know how much money you can spend after paying for your bills and other necessities. You can also see which expenses eat up a lot from your budget. That way, you can adjust your spending and your lifestyle.   


This app is considered one of the most popular money management apps today. You can create simple budgets and be able to learn how to improve your credit score. You can even place all your bills and accounts in this app, making it easier to organize. And of course, the app is safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about identity theft and similar cases. Mint is available for iOS and Android.   

Personal Capital   

Another amazing app that you can use to manage your finances is Personal Capital. To date, they have more than 2.4 million users worldwide. That speaks a lot about the effectivity of the app. They have the award-winning feature, Retirement Planner. Plus, you can talk to a financial advisor that can help you have a more personalized plan for your retirement. It can also be configured to your Apple Watch so you can track your finances on the go. It has a current rating of 4.7 out of 5, which in our opinion, is good enough.   


If you want to be smarter when it comes to managing your finances, then Dollarbird should be your best friend. You can even add your past, recurring, and future transactions. In addition, you can add your partner or your family members. That way, you can create better plans for common money matters.   

Its users claim that Dollabird has changed their lives. It is simple yet highly effective. We bet you’d experience the same joy when using this app too.   


Now, if you just want a straightforward and simple app to manage your finance, we suggest downloading Wally. You can download it from the App Store. Wally should help you reach your goals whether you want to save up for your dream home or to pay off your debt.   

Instead of manually checking your bank accounts and expenses, let this app do its wonders. In just one glance, you will be able to have insights about your spending behavior. It has a wide global network and could even track foreign transactions.   


And then we have a simple budgeting app called, Simple. And yes, it is true to its name, and a lot of college students enjoy it. What we love about this app is that it has a safe-to-spend feature that will help you make smart spending decisions right away.   

You can configure your recurring bills so that the app can automatically save the amount. That means you’d be certain that these necessities will always be paid.   

Quite frankly, any app will do you good. At the end of the day, it is your self-control that can help you manage your money. If you know how much you earn, or how much money goes into your account, you must also know how to spend according to it. In rare cases that you can’t control your urge to shop for unnecessary things, professional help, and support group might be needed.   

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