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Best Fast Food Restaurants For College Students 

Being in college means you have to juggle your time between your studies, extra curricular activities and your social responsibilities. With all of these things going around, you usually don’t have the time to prepare your food. But you have to eat, so the best thing to do is go and grab something from a fast food restaurant. The problem now is, with all the choices out there, which one would you choose? Here are some tips on the best fast food restaurants for college students.

These restaurants are commonly found in the US, though they do have branches in other places as well. Check out the list to see if the following restaurants are available in your area.


Let us start with everyone’s favorite, good old-fashioned Mcdonald’s. You can never go wrong with the choices they have, and almost everywhere you go, you’ll find one. In some countries, though, there are slight variations on their menu. Nonetheless, it still gives you a quick, affordable and satisfying meal. The best pick would be their burgers, fries and chicken nuggets.


If you prefer a chicken meal, then Nando’s would be your best bet. Known for their Peri peri chicken, it is a student classic that has been enjoyed by generations.

Pizza Hut

When it comes to Pizza, Pizza Hut will always be on everyone’s list. Besides pizza, they also offer pasta if you are really into carbo-loading. What is also good with Pizza Hut is that they have a stuffed crust, which is something you should try. In some branches, they also offer 20% student discounts on takeaways.

The Real Greek

If you want something a little bit different, then the Real Greek is the restaurant for you. They specialize in Greek cuisine and are best known for their Souvlaki wraps and meze dishes. Their food portions are for sharing, so it is an excellent place to eat with friends and family. As for the discount, they offer 25% off for students, which is a great bargain.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a haven for students craving for pizza. If you are a student, they offer pizza meals at bargain prices, not to mention they also give free pizza for students who register online with their university email address. Good food at super low prices. What more could you ask for.

Taco Bell

You know what they say when it’s Tuesday, it’s Taco Tuesday. If you are craving something Mexican, then Taco Bell is here to the rescue. They are best known for their tacos and quesadillas, and Mexican cuisine won’t be complete without Burritos. You should also try their “world famous” chalupa. It is a mixture of crispy outside and chewy inside food filled with minced vegetables and sauce. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you are missing a lot.


If you are a bit health conscious, then Subway is the right meal for you. You can create your own sandwich with your choice of meatball, turkey, veggies, ham, chicken fingers, grilled chicken, and more. It is also the go-to restaurant for students who want to stick to their strict diet.

Burger King

When it comes to grilled burgers, Burger King is KING. There is something about grilled patties that hits the right spot. Finish it off with a dose of ice cream sundae, and you are good to go.


Wendy’s has always been a college favorite for decades. Their simple menu of burgers, fries, and chicken makes deciding what to eat easy. They are also best known for their signature frosty that can really help you go through anything at any given time of the day.


Your pizza restaurant won’t be complete without Domino’s. 

Domino’s offers great-tasting pizza at an affordable price and is definitely within a student’s budget. 


Ok, Starbucks is a coffee shop and might not be your typical description of a restaurant. However, they do offer meals and sandwiches on their menu, not to mention cakes and desserts. 

What is great about it is that after that meal, you can easily get that cup of coffee of yours and continue doing some late-night studying.

There you have it. The list may not apply to everyone.  But what these fast food restaurants offer are quick and readily available meals that every college student needs. 

Depending on your craving, choose the one that would suit your liking. Just remember that eating fast food meals every day is not healthy. As a rule of thumb, try to find some time to make your own meal. And if you simply can’t, then the list above should help you. 

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