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Best Exercises To Try On A Tight Schedule

Because of the recent pandemic that happened, there is a paradigm shift in how things work. 

For college students like you, gone are the days when you have to transfer rooms or buildings to attend class. Nowadays, you sit on your desk in front of your computer and conduct your class through various video calling apps. Most of the time, you spend hours sitting down and then after that off to your couch to watch a movie or maybe lay down on the bed doing your things.

According to a study, too much sitting is to blame for various health ailments such as heart disease, weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. 

It also says that people who sit for a prolonged period have a 40% increased risk of dying. That is why it is vital to take action now and start improving your health, especially that most of your tasks involve sitting down. Here are the best exercises you can try on a tight schedule.

Arm Pulses

This exercise targets your triceps and stretches out your shoulders. 

First, position yourself by standing up with your arms on the side and palms facing backward. Next, try rocking your arms back and forth, going backward, and keep your arms as straight and long as possible. 

Do this for 20 seconds. If you want more resistance, you can use resistance bands to increase the intensity to make it more challenging.

Tricep Dips

For this exercise, you will need a sturdy chair. First, go in front of the chair and bend your elbows straight back with your palms flat on the chair. Then lower yourself down, keeping your back as close as possible to the chair, then go back up by straightening your arm. Do twenty repetitions for this exercise.

Arm Circles

Maybe one of the most straightforward exercises on the list. Stand and raise your arms sideward with your feet shoulder-width apart. 

Make sure that your arms are at shoulder height, then start moving your arms in small circles. Repeat for twenty times, then change directions. You can pair this up with a dumbbell to help tone your arm muscles. Make sure you use the correct weight and not something that is too heavy for you.

Wall Pushups

Choose any wall that you like as long as it sturdy enough to hold your weight. Stand a few steps from the wall and lean toward it and place your hand flat and wide. Start lowering yourself toward the wall and keep your abdominal muscles tight to maintain a straight line from your toes to your head. Go straight back up until your arms are straight, and repeat the process. Do this for 20 repetitions.

Desks Pushups

If you find wall pushups too easy for you, then step it up a notch a do desk pushups. In doing this, make sure that your desk can hold your weight. Place your hand flat on your desk, and just like what you are doing in the wall, pushups, lower your body towards the desk and go back up until your arms are straight. Do it for twenty reps.

Chair Squats

This is a very easy exercise, and you can do this just before your zoom class starts. Try standing up in your chair, lowering your body down, stopping just before you sit back down, and then standing back up again. Do this repeatedly for the times, and if you can, add some weight to help you feel the exercise work.

Calf Raises

Using your chair for support, stand behind it and raise your heels off the floor up until you are standing on your toes. When you try to go back down, try to do it as slowly as possible to feel the tension in those muscles. Do this ten times for three sets.

Wall Sits

Using your favorite wall, position your back against it until your hips and knees are at the same level. You should be able to form a 90-degree body with your body. Try holding on to this position for 60 seconds and do it fifteen times.

Exercising doesn’t always require you to have those fancy gadgets or a trip to the gym. All it takes is the determination and motivation to exercise. 

As shown in these examples, you can even exercise in the comfort of your own home. To be successful, you need to study; to study, you need to be healthy, and to be healthy, you need to exercise.

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