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Best College Vloggers to Follow 

Vlogs are fun to watch. But sometimes, you would realize that you are watching too much videos without substance. And so in this post, we will share with you a few college vloggers worthy of your time. At least if you plan to binge, you can learn from them, or at least, be entertained.  

Syd’s vids 

What we love about Sydney’s videos is that the editing is just lovely. She has real talent for it! But apart from that, she is a natural comedian, and her sense of humor is commendable. You can also learn how she is trying her best to survive college, and we believe her issues are similar to yours.  

Elliot Choy  

Elliot means serious business when it comes to doing videos. If you visit his channel, you get to see new videos every week. Just imagine the time and effort he puts into it. You can learn productivity and even entrepreneurship from his channel. If you ask us, that’s definitely ideal for most university students. Just so you know, building a career doesn’t mean climbing up a corporate ladder. It could also mean that you are building your empire.  

Right now, the vlogs are about the transition to online classes. Again, such a timely and relevant channel.  

Danielle Marie Carolan  

Danielle is a student of the University of Georgia and provides a closer look at what college life looks like. You can find her spending significant time in libraries. Yet, she can still balance it out with her social life. Sometimes you begin to wonder if they even have time to sleep!  

Sierra Santer  

Sierra is from Harvard. So imagine all the high expectations from her subscribers. Being a smart person that she is, she will never disappoint you with her well-thought-out videos. It’s also a great way to have a glimpse of what is life like in an Ivy League school.  

Yoora Jong  

To date, Yoora Jong has almost 1M subscribers. And as we all know, that’s not an easy feat. For you to achieve such milestone, it must mean you are doing something right. She is a Korean college student in the United States and her vlogs will give you a glimpse of her busy life. In addition to that, she talks about beauty, fitness, and of course, K-POP.  

Caroline Manning  

Technically, Caroline isn’t a college student. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from her videos. She covers a lot of things about SAT and ACT, which are equally helpful. You can even find college tours. With her quirky personality, we’re pretty sure you would get addicted to watching her – and her sister who occasionally joins her.  

Hannah Elise  

One of the reasons why people will start to unsubscribe is if they feel that the vlogger isn’t genuine enough. Well, you can never expect that from Hannah Elise. She’s winning the market because she is true to herself. She loves giving advice to younger students. And if you feel a bit lost, you might want to watch her videos on your free time.  

Lavish Ruby  

She’s already done with college, but her videos can help those who are transitioning from the university to real life. You can even find topics such as investing or improving your credit score. And quite frankly, these are the subjects or topics you should never miss. It can certainly help you once you are about to face the corporate jungle.  

You might also want to check out the channels of Kiara Madisen, Paige Kaiser, and Brittany Nicole. They also offer great content.  

Do You Want To Start Your YouTube Channel?  

The real question is, why are you not doing it already? It’s easy and free!  

Now, we understand that some of you are not comfortable in front of the camera. Or perhaps, you do not have the right equipment. But you know what? These things don’t really matter. If you have your phone, just do your first video and improve from there.  

You should never expect perfection on your first try. These popular college vloggers had to start at something. And we guarantee you that their videos before were not as polished.  

Can You Earn From YouTube  

This is possible, only if you have a decent amount of followers. But should that be your core goal?  

No. What matters most is that you share valuable content to your viewers. You can either entertain or inform. And if you are passionate about it, the profit will soon follow.  

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