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Best Cities To Study For An Exchange Student 2021 List

Best Places To Study For An Exchange Student 2021 List 

Studying abroad is a fun experience. There are lots of benefits when you are an international student. You get to develop yourself by improving your social skills and gain access to a higher quality of teaching. You also get to expand your professional network by making new friends, experiencing their culture, and learning their language. Sounds good? If you have plans to study abroad, here are the best cities to study in this 2021.


It has always been a favorite choice of students for the past years. With its vibrant culture and colorful history, who could resist studying there. Spain offers many things such as good food, and some of the best architecture known to humanity. It includes the longest-running cathedral construction, which is the Sagrada Familia which started construction in 1882 and is still not finished today. 

Some of the oldest universities are also found in Spain, which dates back as far as 1218. If you want to experience all of these while getting a quality education, Spain is right up your alley.


If you love fairytales and would like to live in one, then Denmark would be the right place for you. Surrounded by fairytale-Esque woodlands, towers, castles, and churches, studying in Denmark would make you feel like studying in a magical world. It is like Disneyland for grownups. Just don’t expect to see any fire-breathing dragons on your stay there.


Fashion, food, and wine. If these are the things that tick your box, then go and study in France. This place is best known for its exquisite cuisine and culture. Do you want to learn to speak French? Then learn it directly from the people who have one of the world’s most romantic tongues.

When you say France, the first city that comes into mind is Paris, but there are also other good cities such as Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, and Toulouse where you can prosper as a student. If studying in a romantic ambiance is your thing, then France is the perfect match for you.


Canada has been on top of the destinations lists when it comes to the best places to study abroad. It is known for its immaculate beauty and hospitable people. Canadian Universities offer the best school programs for technological innovations in the field of information technologies and computers. Education costs are also lower in Canada; hence a lot of students are enticed to study here.


With twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites and nine regions to explore, Australia is one of the top choices for adventurous students who want to study abroad. Australia ranks third in the world when it comes to higher education and boasts some of the top universities worldwide. It is also ranked number seven globally when it comes to personal development. With an abundance of places to explore plus quality education, so what more can you ask for?

United States

There is a reason why the US is dubbed the land of opportunities. It ranked second in the world for access to higher-quality teaching and is fifth globally in terms of experiencing new lifestyles and cultures. With its vast land spreading from the Atlantic to the Pacific, you will never run out of universities to choose from. Each state has its own culture, which makes it an interesting place to study.

United Kingdom

When talking about the best places in the world to study, you cannot complete the list without the United Kingdom. It is home to some of the most famous universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford. It has produced the world’s most recognized scholars and leaders. 

This place ranked as the first in the world for access to quality education, so you can be sure that you are getting the best when you study here. Though many students prefer London as their city of choice, there are still other cities where studies are immersive such as Glasgow, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Manchester. 

If ever you have the opportunity to become a foreign exchange student, do not let the opportunity pass. Not everyone is given the same chance to explore the world and gain access to the best quality of education. Just keep in mind that as fun and exciting to explore all the new places in a new country, do not forget your priority and that is to study well.

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