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Best Characteristics Of Confident People, Tips For College Students 

They always say that to be successful, you have to be confident. But have you ever wondered what is truly confident versus what is trying to be one? 

Don’t get us all wrong. As they always say, fake it until you make it. However, for the purposes of this article let’s try to identify what a real confident person is. What are the qualities and their characteristics? And with this, we hope it could help you to become a real one.  

They Are Not Afraid To Be Wrong  

Whenever you speak in public, or even with other people, sometimes the lack of confidence means you cannot give your real thoughts because you are afraid to be shamed or to be corrected. But a true confident person is not afraid to be corrected. They know that it’s a part of life and they’re willing to embrace that. They know that they, too, can commit mistakes. Nevertheless, they still have the courage to speak up and to say what they think is right.  

They Are Great Listeners  

More often than not, we associate confidence with being someone who can speak in public or can provide their own thoughts. However, you have to realize that a confident person is also willing to listen. In fact, they listen more than they speak. It’s a great trait because you tend to learn more. And in the long run, you get more confident because of your bank of knowledge.  

They Allow Others To Take The Spotlight  

While it is true that most confident people take the spotlight, they can also share it and in fact, give it to someone else. For a time, they could be in the backstage, just being proud of what other people have achieved. They don’t need such massive validation to feel that they are good enough.  

They know that they are good enough, and that is why they are confident.  

They Are Not Afraid To Ask For Help  

As a confident person, you know that you have your strengths, and at the same time, you’re also aware of your weaknesses. And because of that, you are not afraid to ask questions. You don’t think that asking questions is a sign of weakness or that you are already dumb 

In fact, you have a growth mindset because you want to learn new things. You accept the fact that other people might be better than you at a particular subject, and you are fine with that.  

They Believe They Are Worth It  

When you start working, you will always aim to get that promotion. Most people will wait and just leave it to fate or whatever their bosses decide. However, a truly confident person knows their value and their worth.  

If they feel that they are credible enough to get a promotion or a raise, they will assert themselves and provide sufficient data and information on why they are eligible for such promotion.  

Take note that this is different from being arrogant or cocky. Again, a confident person knows their real value by providing facts and evidence. It’s not just because they feel they are worthy of the promotion or a new job title.  

They Are Not Fond Of Gossips  

Here’s a truth bomb. If you are always trying to look for other people’s shortcomings, then that’s a sign that you are not confident about yourself. You try to look for their mistakes because you want to feel better, and you want to feel that you are ahead of them. 

If a person is truly confident, they don’t celebrate other people’s failures. But instead, they try to help them in whatever ways they could, without waiting for them to be praised or to be acknowledged.  

They Are Fine Looking Less Pristine  

One of the characteristics of a confident person is that they’re not afraid to look bare. It’s fine if you can see them wearing their house clothes, or if their hair is not polished. They know that physical appearance is superficial, and they believe they have more to offer.  

They Know That They Don’t Have To Please Everyone  

And lastly, when you are a confident person you understand 100% that there is no need to please everyone. If there are people that you have to please, these are the ones who matter to you the most.  

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