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Best Books For Mechanical Engineer

Becoming a mechanical engineer is no easy feat. It is one of the most lucrative professions you can take, but hard work and constant studying come with it. As a mechanical engineer, you need to keep up with the current trend of technology, thus the need for you to have up-to-date references. 

Books are a great source of information and can even motivate you when you feel that things are not going the way you planned. This list can help widen your knowledge about a different concept of mechanical engineering and is a must if you plan to be successful in this career.

An Introduction To Mechanical Engineering By Jonathan Wickert and Kemper Lewis

It is a good book that provides the reader a solid mechanical engineering background that can help them improve their technical knowledge in the field of engineering. Even non-mechanical engineering students can use this book and use it as their resource to help them create better mechanical designs.

The Way Things Work Now By David Macaulay

Hailed as a New York Times Best Seller, this book talks about everything that contributed to shaping our lives. It shows how things developed and how much things have changed from our past to the present in a humorous fashion. It is one of the few engineering books you get entertained while learning about this field.

Mechanical Engineering for Makers By Brian Bunnell and Samer Najia

This book provides information about mechanical engineering in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. This book is a good choice, especially for those just starting to learn this field, and can also be read by people who do not have an engineering degree but are interested in learning it. It gives out a particular project which you can do using basic materials you can quickly source.

Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering By William Bolton

Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that deals with integrating mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering systems. It shows how the combination of computers, electronics, telecommunications, robotics, system controls, and product engineering create a functional machine. Maybe you are not noticing it, but mechatronics is already part of today’s modern life from your car, coffee machine, and even your phones. 

This book will give you a better understanding of this subject which is considered the center of engineering.

People Skills For Engineers By Tony Munson

Becoming an engineer is not just about being good with numbers. You also need to learn how to interact and handle other people. This book teaches you just that and will help bring your social and communication skills to the next level.

Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book By Roger Timings

If you want to learn the basic principles of engineering, this book is for you.  All the things you need to know as a mechanical engineer is in this book whether it is about hydraulics, pneumatics, dynamics, and more.

Aerodynamic For Engineers By John J. Bertin and Russel M. Cummings

In this book, you will learn how aerodynamics helped shape the world we know today. It teaches the basic principles and fundamentals of the subject, including learning about fluid mechanics and experimental techniques.

Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam By Michael R. Lindeburg

If you are an aspiring engineer preparing for the PE Mechanical Exam, you definitely need to have this book. It deals with many subjects from HVAC, machine design, refrigeration, thermal and fluid systems. 

Mark’s Standard Handbook For Mechanical Engineers By Ali M. Sadegh and William M. Worek

It can be considered as the bible of mechanical engineering. It talks about different standards, principles, practices, and important codes. It basically has all the things a mechanical engineer should know.

Gears and Gear Cutting For Home Machinist

You cannot talk about mechanical engineering without talking about gears. When you talk about these things, you imagine precision and specialized tools, but there is an inexpensive way to cut your own gears at home. This book is what it is all about.

It teaches you how to create your gear design in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Reading a book is an excellent way to exercise your mind and keep it sharp. As an engineer, this would be a good practice and is something that you should develop.

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