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Best Apps For College Students Who Are Working  

If you are working and at the same time, trying to finish your degree, we salute you. What you are doing is a clear indication of perseverance. While it isn’t easy, and perhaps there are days that you want to quit, we encourage you to carry on. You see, you already have an unfair advantage when you need to apply for a job. Your employees would see you as motivated, hardworking, and someone that can manage time.   

But of course, we also want to make your lives easier. And that is why we created a list of the best apps that can make your working student life easier. Here are some of those.   


When you are studying in college, taking notes is everything. You have to write (or type) your lectures, and be able to review them before the exam. To be efficient, we recommend that you use Evernote so you can organize your notes. Use their free services and synch two devices.   


As a college student working, your schedule might not match your classmates. This is critical when you have a group project. Of course, you wouldn’t want to contribute nothing to your group. In that case, make sure that you use cloud services. That way, you can easily collaborate when it comes to research papers. You can provide your feedback, and at the same type, type your findings wherever you are, and whenever you are convenient.  


Right now, virtual meetings are a fad. At the height of the pandemic, the upload of the Zoom app skyrocketed. And yes, we see the trend in the coming years. In fact, we bet that virtual meetings are here to stay.   

Again, since you are working, you might not be able to attend physical meetings with your group mates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘be there’. That’s where Zoom can help. Conduct virtual meetings even while you are on the road. That way, you are still updated with your project, and be able to speak your mind as if you are physically there.   


Trello is a great collaboration tool that is commonly used at work. However, even college students can take advantage of this. Here, you can create project boards and cards. You can even move these cards and see the progress of the tasks assigned. It’s like virtual post-its (but way eco-friendly). Trello is easy to use – just click, drag, and drop.  

And while we suggest this for group work, you can use this as your personal organizer as well. If you have a lot of things to do, you can just shoot everything in here.   


While we are in the digital age, nothing beats writing down your thoughts (and even math solutions). Several studies have already proven that writing can sharpen one’s brain. And you should practice it whenever possible. So instead of typing on your laptop or tablet, you can use this app and write as if you are doing it on paper. Save it on your device and you should be able to review your notes while you are on your break at work.   


When conducting paper works, it is crucial that you know the proper citation format. Trust us, this could make or break your grade, and your professors are likely particular about it. And yes, if you are not used to it, citing references can take time.   

The problem is now solved with CiteThisForMe. You can do your citation in just a few seconds. This app has helped millions of people across the globle.   


And lastly, we’re pretty sure you can benefit from Grammarly. Even the best writers will need someone to proofread their work. And this app can certainly help you. You can get the free version that could check basic grammar and spelling errors. Or you can get their premium and enjoy other features such as plagiarism checker.   

Need Help With Your Course Work?   

Now, if you want to boost your grades, but at the same time still want to deliver the best at work, you can always check online services that could help with your homework. That way, you can have more time to study your lecture and be able to submit assignments that are above average. Many students use this, and they are all happy they did.   

However, make sure that your online service provider is reliable. Otherwise, you might not be able to submit your homework on time, and that can apparently jeopardize your final grade.   

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