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Best Apps for College Students to Train the Brain

Training your brain for success is a process and not a one-time deal. It is a day-to-day progress that you can learn through different techniques and brain-stimulating activities. Engaging your brain to function more, develops its ability to adapt, change, and to work to your advantage especially for a college student.

Eating the right food is not your only ticket to a healthy brain. Keeping the brain healthy requires techniques that will help sharpen your thinking skills. Improve your processing speed and reaction time, be better in planning and decision making, while improving your memory with brain games and brain training apps.

Best Brain Training Apps for College Students

What are the highly-recommend apps that can help train your brain, and at the same time improve your grades in the university? We have selected the best ones according to college students.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Improving your cognitive skills is essential to boost memory and to improve your capability to learn and solve problems. As a student, you will be faced with plenty of ideas to learn and problems to resolve, academically, and in life, to get through college. The CogniFit Brain Fitness App is a great tool that can be used to enhance your concentration through different games designed and developed by neuroscientists. 

The app features a progress tracker that can give you insights about the overall health of your brain. You can play alone or challenge your friends and family via the competitive player feature of the app. Before trying out the games, the app will require you to take a simple quiz that will determine the level of difficulty suitable for your profile. Spend at least 20 minutes twice or thrice a week playing the app to see a gradual improvement in your thinking skills.

Free subscription comes with four games while the full version is available at $13 a month of $120 annually. It is currently available via iOS.


Luminosity is one of the most popular brain-stimulating apps available in both Android and iOS. It is another application dedicated to improving your brain’s cognitive skills. The app features games that are focused in developing the five areas of cognitive education; problem-solving, speed, flexibility, attention, and memory. Games are played against the clock and change from time to time so users get to enjoy new challenges even with frequent use.

Developers of the games suggest using the game at least once a day to improve your mental skills and to track your progress and performance, compared to other users. It is customizable and can be adjusted according to your personal goals. Creating custom experiences is also possible in the app, allowing you to be more proficient in cognitive skills that you want to focus on. You can replay your daily mind work out or proceed to the next recommended brain game as you please.

The free version has limited access but is already good enough to start with. You can upgrade to enjoy the full version for $15 a month or $80 a year.

Brain Fitness Pro

If you are looking to improve your memory or increase your focus, the Brain Fitness Pro mobile application is recommended for you. The app features memory training exercises that enhance your focus while improving your problem-solving skills. Your memory is also developed and trained as you go over the games and activities featured in the app.

The developers of the game believe that intensive brain workouts can generally improve the cognitive skills of a person that is very beneficial as you age. Intensive memory training keeps the brain working in top shape and it can be very helpful in the long run. Several enjoyable mini-games are featured in the area such as Memory, Reflexes, Dynamic Vision, Addition, Pattern Memory, and Color Judge that were developed specifically to engage the brain to function to keep it healthy and working on its best level.

The app is available for free but with limited access. The full version is available for less than $5 a month both in Android and iOS.

Brain stimulating games and applications are beneficial in keeping the brains sharp, even with age. They are proven to help in keeping memory skills in top shape, even as we age. At best, brain games and apps can improve your performance. The more you practice and enhance a specific cognitive skill, the better you will be in that area. As you level up and improve your scores, you’ll feel smarter and more confident too. Brain games are also a productive way to kill time and to entertain yourself in between class lectures and school activities. So yes, it’s definitely something you should try for yourself. 

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