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Best Apps for College Students, 2021 

Technology has come a long way since its inception and has made life convenient and easier for people, including college students. Gone are the days wherein college students had to bring multiple things, one for each task. Today, everything is in the palm of their hands. 

Part of the technology that many college students use today is mobile apps. Mobile apps are now considered a tool that can help enrich the students’ learning experience. There are thousands of apps available out there and here are just a few that can help make any college student’s life easier.


Remember the time wherein you are having trouble finding an answer for a particular problem, whether it’s math or science? 

Worry no more as Slander is here to the rescue. It provides solutions to any problems within your textbook, and the best part, it is free! 

It is a good tool, especially when you are studying and you want to see how these problems are solved systematically. For many millennials, this is one of the best mobile apps ever created.


Not everyone is a fan of math. Some students even go to great lengths so that they can avoid it. But thanks to Photomath, understanding various math problems and equations is now easier. It provides animated step-by-step instructions, a graphing tool, and even has a smart calculator to help you have a better understanding of how to work on specific math problems. This app can do wonders. Just don’t expect Photomath to take your math exam for you.


They say music can do a lot of things. It entertains you during your downtime and helps you relax and maintain your focus, which you need when studying. 

Spotify is an app that can provide you with thousands of music selections that suit your personal preference. You can also listen to some podcasts to help increase your understanding of certain concepts or topics.


Have you ever encountered a schoolwork wherein you have asked everyone you know and still you don’t get the answer? 

Brainly would prevent this from ever happening to you again. It is a community-based app wherein you can ask any question about your academics. People will then answer you from around 200 million students and gurus within the community. Now that is a lot of resources.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

There is no need for you to carry around the bulky dictionaries as you can have your copy through their app. It is more convenient, plus it is easier to search for words as all you have to do is key in the word you are searching for, and within a second, you get your answer. is an app that allows you to become more productive by breaking down a large task into manageable ones. It also sends constant reminders of the task you need for the day, and you can even share it with your group mates with its shared list feature to keep everyone aware of their specific duties. 


Remember when you have to find a photocopying machine or a scanner so that you can scan certain pages from a book or copy some documents? 

Thanks to Camscanner, it is now as easy as taking a photo on your phone. This app helps digitize certain papers and allows you to directly send them to your email or save them on your device. Now scanning a document can be done anywhere and anytime.


College life can be stressful, and sometimes you need an expert to help you cope with stress. BetterHelp is an all-in-one app that allows you to talk to one of the 3000 online therapists and counselors with different specializations. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help, especially if you believe that the feeling you are experiencing is too much to handle by yourself.

For some people, technology is just a distraction to a student’s study, but in reality, it is not. If used correctly, it can help improve a student’s academic performance. Just like what a popular superhero said, with great power comes great responsibility. You control technology, and do not let technology control you.

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