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Best Apps and Websites for College Students to Boost Creativity

When we enter the university, most of us drown ourselves in theories, scientific methods, facts, and formulas. But you should know that we must also exercise our creativity. You see, as you start to work, you are compelled to provide brand new ideas. While the concepts and theories could help, those who can offer a different perspective on things can instantly impress their superiors. So how are you going to do that?  

We understand that as college students, your days might be too cramped. Perhaps, you do not have the time to take extra classes for painting or poetry writing. The good news is that there are apps and websites that can forge your creativity skills. We’ve searched for the best ones and tried it out for ourselves. 

Writing Challenge 

If you wish to improve your free writing skills, you can download the Writing Challenge app. It’s a game that gives you creative prompts, and you will never have to worry about running out of ideas. 

Since it’s a mobile app, you can do it practically anywhere. It’s a great way to kill time while waiting for the train, or if you just want to practice your creativity. 

As they say, to boost your talent in writing, it is a must that you practice it every day. And with this tool, you have no escape but to write. 

Story Plot Generator 

For those who love to write stories, the Story Plot Generator is a useful tool that can help you ignite unique ideas. There are different genres to choose from, including action, drama, fantasy, horror, and romance. Switch to PRO mode, and you can have access to other genres as well. 

You can get this app using your Microsoft account and install it up to ten Windows 10 devices.   

Auryn Ink 

Many people are getting addicted to Auryn Ink, and they call this the only watercoloring app in iOs. We couldn’t agree more. You can choose from different effects as well. If you want wet on wet, wet on dry, and glazing effects, you can do so.   

123D Sculpt 

With 123D Sculpt, you can make clay creations using your iPad. For some, this might be too childish. But in reality, it can be a form of stress reliever. You would be surprised how amazing your digital sculptures are.  

iMotion HD 

Years ago, doing stop motion videos can take hours and days to finish. But with iMotion HD, you can easily do fun videos that can further hone your creativity. You can play with still objects and create stories out of it. 

Simple Mind 

If you enjoy using mind maps to generate fresh and unique ideas for practically anything, you will appreciate the Simple Mind app. 

You can use it in Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad, and Android. You can even add multiple mind maps in just one page. Perhaps, add videos or images that can support the concepts or ideas you’ve written. And when it is all set, you can sit down, analyze your thoughts, and be able to strategize even better. 


It’s not surprising if you could spend hours watching Ted talks. And if you want to have your daily dose of inspirational messages or to hear something new and valuable, download the Ted app. Knowing a lot of things can also boost your creativity. It’s because you tend to associate all your learnings and develop a more solid perspective or ideas. 

Masterclass in Creativity and Film with David Lynch 

If you are not a fan of mobile apps, then you can probably take this online masterclass by David Lynch. From here, you get to have 12 lessons averaging 12 minutes each. There are workbooks and other exercises to ensure that you learned the concepts by heart.

Creative Bug 

If you want to start a new hobby but do not have time to enroll in a class, visit the Creative Bug website. You will see a lot of creative pursuits that could inspire you to start one. There are new classes released every day, and you can even download templates and recipes.    

Udemy’s Creativity and Personal Development Lessons

There are also a lot of Udemy online courses to improve your creativity. Most of these courses are incredibly affordable, and if you think about it, it’s not an expense but rather an investment for yourself.

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