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Best and Worst Stories of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the best decisions you’ll have in life, but for a few unfortunate people, their worst. Being an international student in a different land, alone and independent from your family, can be quite an adventure. However, some still see the risks and the few dangers that may come alongside the idea of being liberated from your usual life.

The majority of exchange students may enjoy and experience a lot of triumphs, while others bring a few horrifying stories during their life as a student in a foreign land. Here are some of the best and the worst stories from students who took the leap and went after their dreams of earning a degree abroad.

Worst Experiences While Studying Abroad

Fire and Other Emergencies at Your Accommodation 

Emergencies and unexpected accidents can happen anywhere, even while studying abroad. Think about fires and explosions. These can create quite a dent in your happy and independent life as a student abroad. Imagine going home to a scorching apartment after spending time with your friends. Or how about accidentally leaving your gas supply open, causing explosions inside your apartment. These are true events that you may avoid if you stay disciplined and cautious enough with your things. 

Keeping your accommodation clean and organized prevents unwanted accidents. It is also ideal to pay attention to where the fire extinguishers are and where to access emergency exits in your accommodation. 

Keeping an emergency bag ready – filled with basic food, clothing, cash, and your documents, in case of a fire or an earthquake is also a wise practice even for non-exchange students. Remember, you have to take charge of your own safety.

Robbery and Sexual Abuse

One of the most horrific encounters a foreign student may experience overseas is being sexually abused and robbed. Foreign students, both male and female, are at risk for robbery and sexual abuse, even while staying in their hometowns. However, there is already an increased prevalence of sexual assaults on international students. These can be experienced inside and outside the campus and can be a very violent experience.

One can avoid such a horrifying experience by having a close and trusted group of friends, or a support group that can help you feel secure even while studying abroad alone.  It also pays to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings to prevent such incidences from happening to you. If you feel threatened or anxious about a person, it would be best to inform your parents, peers, the school, and even the police to get you out of that situation.

Best Moments While Studying Abroad

Visiting Stunning Places

There is always something special to see in a foreign land. It can be as stunning and popularized as the Northern Lights or a nice hidden brook with wildflowers on a secluded forest in Germany. A new place is always a new adventure to look forward to. 

After the exams or during a short school break, you can set aside a weekend to visit the untamed nature or the popular places to see in the country you are currently studying at. Remember to bring friends along to make the experience fun and safer. It is also a good idea to do advanced research on the places you are about to see. However, visiting places on impulse can sometimes offer the best adventures and memories to cherish.

Language, Culture, and Religion

These are actually three different areas in your life to explore and nourish while studying abroad. In this case, you cannot exactly enjoy one without falling in love with the others. One of the best experiences while studying abroad is to learn a new language, to embrace and enjoy a unique culture, and to understand religion in-depth. 

You see, social barriers can put wedges between people. But with respect and understanding, you can be an ambassador to enlighten others about the beauty of these differences. 

There are plenty of memorable experiences, both good and bad, students learning abroad may experience. You can get your heartbroken, or you can find true love. You can end up losing a scholarship or land on top of your class. Regardless of what it is, studying abroad is indeed an experience. It is a leap of faith or a test of courage that can bring the best and sometimes the worst moments in your life.

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