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Best Alcoholic Mixes For College Students

You finally reached the 21 mark in your life and are just about ready to enter the world of adults. Wine and beer would be the best way to celebrate this milestone. Although we would advise you to drink in moderation, there is no denying the wide array of flavors and concoctions that you will get to enjoy once you are legally able to drink alcohol.

Top 7 Alcoholic Mixes For College Students

With all the flavors and mixes out there, which one would be best to highlight your entry to adulthood? Here are some fancy and fun alcoholic mixes perfect for young adults and college students.

Malibu Rum And Apple

One of the best ways to introduce alcoholic drinks to a non-drinker or new drinker is by incorporating flavors. And what’s the best flavor we all love adding to everything? Fruits! For this particular drink, do not turn your heads away just yet. A few dashes of apple on your Malibu rum will add a sweet and refreshing flavor, ideal for light drinkers.

Rum And Root Beer

We are going to take it slow for the first few items in this list. To begin your journey in exploring alcoholic drinks, root beer is a reliable item to add to your alcohol. Choose a darker spiced rum to work with your root beer. Ole Morgan plus root beer would be a great first experience for a college student.

Tequila Shot

Let’s take this list up to another notch. Celebrate adulthood with a shot of tequila. It is simple, straightforward, and memorable at the same time. Interestingly, tequila offers several health benefits -when drunk in moderation.

Derived from the Spanish word “What did I do last night?”, forgetting yesterday’s events is quite possible if you overdo this drink. Mix it up with lime, grapefruit, club soda, or coconut water to tone down its power or for variety.

Vodka Water Mio

This is also popularly known as “the healthy alternative”. This alcoholic mix is a combination of the three, vodka, water, and Mio.

Mio is a type of liquid drink enhancer. This combo is perfect when taking shots while avoiding the taste of vodka. This is the perfect mid of the week drink, especially if you have classes the next day. Enjoy the drink minus the hangover by simply drinking water together with this drink.

Pineapple Juice And Malibu

This alcoholic mix is one of the top favorites among college students. Easy to sip and big in terms of flavor, this is one of the perfect choices when celebrating something significant such as the end of the semester.

The Bacardi 152 would work well with pineapple juice for this one. Falling under the more daring and adventurous alcohol mix, make sure to have someone else ready to drive after. This combination can really give you a different kind of punch.

Whiskey And Lemonade

We all know that lemonades are staples when it comes to alcoholic drinks. Thus, it is self-explanatory why this fruit flavor will work well with your favorite whiskey.

Perfect for college guys, this combination is officially called Hemingway’s Lemonade. You can mix Jameson with lemonade or try another whiskey of your choice. However, it would be best to use real lemonade instead of the powder alternative to really enjoy its flavor and aroma.

Jungle Juice

Let us not forget the star of college parties and celebrations – Jungle Juice. This is one of the staples in every frat party or social gathering in universities. It tastes great too and is an absolute must-try before you graduate.

It’s just a mix of fruits and alcohol, stirred in one huge glass bowl for everyone to enjoy. Popular food choices include lemon, pineapple, apples, and water lemon. It is simply the adult version of the fruit punch, this time with alcohol to add a kick to the drink.

There are plenty of interesting and flavorful mixes to try and enjoy now that you are an adult college student. Experiment wisely as you enjoy the different flavors and possibilities these alcoholic mixes offer. Always be mindful of how much you drink and have someone trusted to look after you in case you go overboard. Make college drinking sessions more memorable by staying safe with friends and drinking in moderation.

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