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Best Activities You Can Do With Your College Friends This Weekend

After a long week of doing reports and exams, it’s about time that you relax a bit. And you know what’s a great thing to do over the weekend – spend it with your friends!¬†

However,¬†we want you to think of activities where you don’t have to spend¬†too¬†much. After all, you still have many things to pay for like your dorm, books, and even your daily food.¬†¬†

If you don’t have an idea, this post can help you. We will share with you some of the most practical and cheapest activities that you can do with your friends this weekend.¬†¬†

Movie Marathon  

Let’s do something a bit ordinary yet still fun and relaxing, shall we? How about a movie night with your friends?¬†

We’re pretty sure one of you has a Netflix account so you don’t have to spend on tickets. Just get your popcorn, soda, or order pizza. Just relax in your room and you are all set. ¬†

If you have a projector, that would be awesome. It’s as if you are in a real movie house. And the best part is that¬†you do not have to spend too much.¬†

Instead of watching typical movies, why don’t you go for documentaries where you can learn something new?¬†

Thrift Store Shopping  

Maybe you need some new clothes or trousers for your interview. Well, you can go shopping with your friends over the weekend.  

But let us remind you that because we’re still under budget, you have to¬†think of a better way to get clothes without breaking your¬†banks. The best way to do it is to visit thrift stores. You would be surprised that they have a lot of amazing finds, even designer ones! You could wear it for years to come, and that‚Äôs a decent investment. ¬†

Look For Sporting Events  

Maybe your college team will have a sporting event over the weekend. It’s about time that you show some school spirit. It’s always good to feel that kind of fun when you are still studying in the university. The vibe is just so youthful, and you will never forget all the laughter and the screams, even when you get older. ¬†

Picnic On School Grounds  

Most colleges and universities have open grounds. Use that to your advantage. Over the weekend, ask your friends to just chill and relax on the school grounds. You can bring some snacks and talk about life or even rant about how hard your subjects are.  

Crazy Photoshoot  

What’s good with technology today is that you can take pictures¬†practically¬†anywhere, anytime.¬†¬†

But let’s make it a bit different over the weekend. Have a themed photoshoot with your friends. That way, you have something amazing that you can store forever.¬† If you think the shots are great, then why don’t you print¬†it and give it to your friends?¬†

Have A Cookout  

If you don’t want to spend money to buy your food for the weekend,¬†then have a cookout with your college friends. You can have¬†barbecue, burgers, hotdogs, or try to be¬†healthier. Fortunately, there are a lot of recipes online, so we’re pretty sure you’re not going to run out of ideas.¬†¬†¬†

Who knows if this could be a start of a small food business? You can use that money to fund your college needs. Now, that’s a brilliant idea  

Board Games  

No one is ever too old for board games. And if you want to give it a bit of adult flare, then some alcoholic beverages will do you good. But we have to remind you, if you are still a minor, then you can skip the beers and just have your regular fruit juices. 

Workout Together  

If you must know, many college students live a sedentary lifestyle. It’s a must that you include activities where you can sweat and flex those muscles. An hour of hiking should do you good. Invite your friends, and soon enough, you will be addicted to it.   

Volunteer For Charity Work  

Another great activity for your and your friends is to volunteer. There are many organizations looking for people that could help them. It could be for an event or special programs. You get to be liberated, and at the same time, it could improve your resume. 

There are several activities to choose from. You just have to be creative and think about what you could do for such a small amount of money. It doesn’t have to be grand. You just need to be with the right people.¬†

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