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Best Activities On The Weekend Inside Your Dormitory

As much as we want to travel right now, there are a lot of restrictions considering that the pandemic is very much apparent.  

For college students, you might think that you will be stuck in your dormitory doing practically nothing.  But you know what, there are exciting games and activities that you can do with your friends.

If you want to know more, this post will certainly give you a few ideas.  

Have A Movie Night  

We know that this is a typical suggestion to spend your weekend, but nothing beats lounging on your couch or your bed. 

Just watch your favorite movies. You can even have some popcorn and soda on the side to make it more cinematic. Also, there are a lot of projectors that you can easily buy online. These could make your small dormitory feel like a movie house, and that could improve the entire experience.  

Start A Painting Session  

It doesn’t matter if you are good with painting or not, but this activity is highly recommended. It’s a great way to reduce the level of stress. 

Just buy cheap canvas and paintbrushes and invite your friends to your dormitory. Let them create a masterpiece. You’d never know if you have a hidden talent, so you better try it out.  

Have A Cook-Off and Bake-Off Session With Friends  

Another amazing activity that you can do with your friends is to have a Cook-Off or Bake-Off session.  

Have a small prize for those who will win. At least this is far more different from reviewing your notes every night and doing your reports.  

Build An Extremely Challenging Puzzle  

You would be surprised how addicting it is to build puzzles, most especially the challenging ones. What you can do is to have 2 sets of similar puzzles and challenge yourself who’s going to finish it first. We bet that it would be a great activity that your friends will enjoy doing every single weekend.  

Spa Night  

Who says you have to spend so much to pamper yourself? You can turn your dormitory into a spa salon and get the materials from your local store.  

Clean Up And Declutter  

You also need to clean up and declutter during the weekend. This can help you become organized in the following week. 

We actually encourage that you do this regularly. And who knows if you have items which you can sell?  That’s already an added budget for you.  

Practice Your Writing Skills  

We understand that a lot of people are not fond of writing. But it’s an essential skill and could be your advantage when you are already finished with your degree.

So if you have a free time on the weekend, just practice your writing. You don’t have to write a novel, but instead, just write anything you have in mind. And before you know it, you are already becoming an expert. 

Call Your Loved Ones  

Since you are thinking of the best activities to do over the weekend, why don’t you call up your friends and family, most especially if you are studying in a different location? It’s about time that you check on them and to provide them with updates on what’s happening with your life. Also ask what’s happening with theirs too.  


You might think that this is a crazy suggestion, but you can do a lot of exercises even if you are living in a small dormitory. There are several YouTube videos where you can easily follow the steps. Or if you have small gym equipment, that should do you good.  

Just Relax And Sleep  

If you think you have been overworking or overstudying the week, then why don’t you take the opportunity to just relax and sleep? Don’t think about anything, including your requirements. In the meantime, embrace the comfort of your bed, use your blackout curtain, listen to soothing music and sleep for hours.  

You see, having the best activities doesn’t always mean you have to go out of your dormitory. There are still a lot of things you can do even in a small, cramped space. You just have to be creative or choose the people with whom you’re going to spend your time with.  

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