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Benefits of Meditation, Why It Works For College Students 

As a college student, we understand how crazy your schedules could get. It’s as if the whole day isn’t enough to complete all your responsibilities. But you know what is lacking in your life right now? You have to sit still and meditate.  

We bet you’ve heard a lot of people already asking you to try meditation, and they have good reasons for asking you to do so. However, if you are still not convinced, this post could help you. Hopefully, you will be enlightened, and you will try meditation as soon as possible.  

In a nutshell there are many benefits of practicing meditation. It’s good for the mental health because you are less anxious. It can help reduce risk of depression, and it could even help people who are suffering from chronic pain.  

As a young adult, you start to feel these different emotions and physical pains. But instead of drinking actual medicines that could probably hurt yourself in the long run. Why don’t you try this safe method to improve your health?  

Look For A Place To Meditate  

First, you have to look for a spot where you can successfully meditate. Maybe your dormitory isn’t a perfect place for this because there are a lot of students going in and out of your room. But if you think you can do it in a peaceful place such as your school grounds, a library, or a conference room, then take advantage of that. Take note that this doesn’t have to be 100% quiet. What you are aiming for is a peaceful surrounding.  

Set A Time Per Day And Stick To Your Schedule  

If you want to reap the full benefits of meditation, you must form a habit. And that is why you need to be committed every day. You should allot a specific duration for your meditation.  

Generally, experts would recommend that you set 15 minutes per day to meditate. But if you are just starting, five to 10 minutes should do you good. And when you’re comfortable enough. then you can increase the time until you reach 15 minutes.  

Learn The Practice Through Books  

You would be surprised how many references you can read if you want to learn how to meditate. Why don’t you give your library a visit and we’re pretty sure you can get a lot of reading materials about the practice?  

You should know that reading books outside of the academe can also help you become smarter. At least you are not confined to your college program. Remember, some of the tips from these meditation books can be applied to real life, and you can use it once you are done with your degree.  

Download Meditation Apps  

If your schedule will not allow you to attend a meditation class, then the next best solution is to use apps. Thank heavens for technology, there are people who put it into good use. They created meditation apps which even beginners could use.  

All you have to do is to find a serene place, have quality headphones, listen to the instructions, and you are good to go.  

Have A Gratitude Journal  

If you must know, keeping a gratitude journal is also helpful and a part of the meditation practice. Since most college students are too busy with their requirements, they tend to focus on how tired and exhausted they are.  

But if you are going to have a gratitude journal, you can sit down for a few minutes a day and write down the things that you are thankful for. It doesn’t have to be a grand thing. But it could be as simple as waking up, having a bed, eating the right food, or the mere fact that you are enrolled in a college. These little things should be enough for you to be thankful.  

Go For A Walk Around Your Campus  

Another great way to meditate is to appreciate the nature. If your campus has a lot of trees and greens, then use that to your advantage. Instead of rushing to your class, allot more time so you can walk from your apartment or dormitory to your university. And while you are at it, savor the wonders of nature. That should be beneficial for your emotional health. 

Sooner of later, you would realize that you are more productive when you incorporate the practice in your life. 

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