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Become A Professional Resume Writer, College Students Guide 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, close to 8 million Americans are unemployed. These are tough times.

Now here’s another fact. 54% of the applicants are using generic resumes, which plays a huge role, especially this time when the competition is tough. That is why professional resume writing is a booming industry today. There are writers who earn up to $320,000 a year just for reviewing and editing resumes. 

As a college student, if you feel that this is the path that you want to pursue, here are some tips on how you can become a professional resume writer.

Choosing The Right Course

If you are serious about becoming a professional resume writer, it would be advantageous to take courses that can help you become a better writer. 

Communications, Journalism, business-related and Human Resource Development courses could give you the necessary skills to compose an effective resume. 

However, it does not mean that these are the only courses you can take, as it is not a requirement. If you are already taking an industry-specific course, you can use that and specialize in writing a resume for that particular industry. 

There are also training courses and certifications specifically designed for writing. They provide in-depth training and are intended for students who would like to become a professional writer.

The Right Set Of Skills

Resume writing may seem easy. But in reality, it takes more than putting personal information achievements, and skills.

To become a professional writer, you need to have knowledge of an effective resume. It would help if you had a better understanding of how to create the proper format.  Understanding what you need to include and what should be omitted is vital in writing a good resume.

Develop Your Listening Skills

You need to understand what the resume owner is looking for. 

Find out what their career goals are, their strengths, and their expectations. You need to be able to create a resume that would highlight their abilities suited for the position they are applying for. 

By having good listening skills, you would be able to extract this from your conversation and know what you need to input. 

It would also help if your resume accurately portrays the person on why they are perfect for the job.

Analytical Thinking

Not all skills and achievements are required in a resume. Employers are looking at specific details when they are trying to hire someone. 

As a professional resume writer, you need to have that quick analytical thinking to determine what you need to highlight. Often, if an employer sees a resume with too much unnecessary information, it just ends up being scrapped.

Excellent Editing Skills

Part of resume writing is, of course, you need to know how to edit. You must have the skill of identifying misspelled words and incorrect grammars. 

You should be able to format the document and make it look professional and pleasing at the same time. Using the correct fonts, size, and spacing are essential in creating an effective resume.

Attend University Initiated Workshops

Most universities offer resume development workshops. This is where you can learn the fundamental and technical requirements of resume writing. Universities want their students to have the ability to create a proper CV after they graduate. Hence, these workshops are offered. If you have the opportunity to attend one, then go ahead. 

Learn How To Market Your Skill

If you are considering this as your profession after college, you should develop a way to market yourself. It would help if you treat it like a business for it to be profitable. You can start building your website, add samples, and even ask your friends if you can create their resume. That way, you can already have your portfolio even before you earn the degree. 

In addition, use your social media accounts to let people know what you are doing.  

A good entrepreneurship attitude would be helpful here.

Professional resume writing is a profitable profession. While you’re still in college, you can start doing this part-time to develop your skills and become good at them. Just like anything else, you have to put in the effort and practice. Eventually, you will be able to perfect this craft, and you can get clients from different parts of the globe. 

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